Keno Udbastu Hote Holo by Debjyoti Roy

Keno Udbastu Hote Holo informative book by Debjyoti Roy PDF.

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Keno Udbastu Hote Holo ebook by Debjyoti Roy

Debjyoti Roy wrote the informative book Keno Udbastu Hote Holo (Why to be a refugee)

Author Devajyoti Roy has written the book Keno Udbastu Hote Holo (Why to be a refugee). The author has written a beautiful important informative book.

The people of subjugated India became desperate for independence from the British. Meanwhile, the Indian National Congress was able to win the confidence of people all over India. The people of India believe that only the Indian National Congress Party under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi can bring back the independence of India.

Finally, on 15th August 1947, India, which was under British rule, gained independence. But in India it was broken into two parts, Pakistan was born. At the same time as the Bengal and Punjab divisions, the war in Kashmir left a deep scar on the lives of countless people.

Why to be a Refugee the peoples of Hindu religion?

Before the partition of Bengal, riots broke out in Noakhali in 1946. Many tribals and Hindus were forced to migrate to India in this riot. Bengal was divided and the eastern part was annexed to Pakistan and the rest of India was annexed to West Bengal.

As a result of the partition of Bengal, millions of Hindus from Upper Bengal (Purba Pakisthan) took refuge in the states of West Bengal, Assam and Tripura.

The author Devajyoti Roy beautifully describes in this book all the Hindus who took refuge in India after the independence of India. Those who have to be known as refugees.

The stage from 1948 to 1970 and the second stage from 1971.

The Nehru-Liaquat Treaty of 1950 temporarily restricted refugee arrivals, but never stopped. However, as the terms of the agreement were properly enforced in India, the Muslim minority from India did not have to seek asylum in Pakistan, much to their dismay.
Because the East Pakistan government did not properly implement the terms of the agreement and passed many other discriminatory laws, the oppressed minorities never felt safe in their homeland. That is why they moved to India endlessly. But after 1950, Indian minorities did not have to leave their homeland to seek refuge in Pakistan.

In the second phase, billions of oppressed minorities migrated to India due to insecurity. Most of them were Hindus, Buddhists, Christians and tribals.

Why very Unfortunate the Bengali Peoples for partition of Bengal?

No evidence has yet been written of the catastrophe that befell millions of people as a result of partition in 1947, and no significant novel has been written. Marginal Man is the only theoretical research book written by Professor Prafulla Kumar Chakraborty. It is from this book that the informative book Udbastu Hote Holo (Why To Be A Refugee) is written with the picture of the pain and struggle of the refugee life. Taslima Nasrin’s ‘Lajja’ and ‘Fera’ – these two novels also contain a sad picture of the Hindu minority in Bangladesh.

So the PDF file of the informative book Keno Udbastu Hote Holo (Why to be a refugee) of Debjyoti Roy is given on this web page. Readers, Researchers and students can collect the PDF file of the informative book from this webpage and read it online.

Keno Udbastu Hote Holo (Why To Be A Refugee)PDF file.

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