Amar Jiban Yatra Vol-2 by Rahul Sankrityayan PDF

Amar Jiban Yatra Vol-2 by Rahul Sankrityayan PDF.

Book – Amar Jiban Yatra Volume – 2,
Total No. of Volume – 5,
Author – Rahul Sankrityayan,
Main Book in Hindi – मेरी जीवन यात्रा,
Translated in Bengali, Pages – 548,
Format – PDF, PDF Size – 26 MB,
Compiled by Saikat Rakshit and Satish Misra.

Amar Jiban Yatra Vol-2 written by Rahul Sankrityayan

Rahul Sankrityayan has written the novel Amar Jiban Yatra Vol-2.

Rahul Sankrityayan has written the Amar Jiban Yatra Vol-2 and  total 5 volumes of the historical novel Amar Jiban Yatra. He is still a shining star in the history of India’s independence. The great scholar Rahul Sankrityayan was one of the best thinkers of the twentieth century. Prafulla Kumar Chakraborty, Saikat Rakshit, Satish Misra and Ina Sengupta Translated in Bengali the first volume of Amar Jiban Yatra,

Why is he one of the best thinkers in the world?

Such a multi-colored astronomical-life with such a vast body of knowledge and action is rare in world history. He willingly accepted all the hardships and spent his whole life traveling abroad like a flying bird. He has made a relentless effort to enjoy and appreciate the socio-civilization, the indomitable desire to know and recognize the soil and the people, and the beauty of this earth. He has been embroiled in a vicious attempt to assimilate the world’s knowledge. Again, the constant flow of his writing continued unabated until his last breath.

Why Rahul Sankrityayan Kedarnath Pandey?

The real name of Rahul Sankrityayan is Kedarnath Pandey. He was born on 9 April 1893 in an obscure village of Pandaha in Azamgarh district of Uttar Pradesh. The village of ‘Pandaha’ was his grandfather’s house. He was brought up in his grandfather’s house from an early age. From an early age he had endless memory. He could remember what he heard and could speak fluently later.

That is why he has been known to everyone since childhood. He wrote in one place in his essay Amar Jiban Yatra (My Life) – ‘I would have wasted 12 months for four months of study’. In other words, his 12 months of study would have been completed in 4 months. As a result, during those months, he used to go to different places and play sports. He studied in Nizamabad Middle School. He had outstanding rights in mathematics. His first lesson began with the book Laghu Kaumudi. He has read Upanishads and ‘Vedas’. At one time his reputation as a Vedic reader spread around.

However, he did not stop here, later he became a huge devotee of Shiva. He had an outstanding memory from an early age. So many chapters and glorious hymns of Rudrasthadhyayi were memorized by him. He also became very respectful of Tantric mantras. Within a few days he became addicted to chanting all the mantras of Goddess Durga and one day he became unconscious while chanting. It took him about two days to regain consciousness.

Readers can collect the notable works of Rahul Sankrityayan

Amar Jiban Yatra Volume – 1,

Rahul Sankrityayan started studying Sanskrit in Kashi in 1911. He was admitted to the seventh grade to learn English. The following year, in 1912, he inherited the Mohanta of Parsa Math in Chapra district and became a monk. At that time, his new name was Ramudar Das. Kedarnath went to Sri Lanka in 1929 and became a Buddhist monk. He became a disciple of the Buddhist monk Rahul Ramudar. Later, Rahul Ramudar was associated with his tribe and ‘Ramudar Sanskritization’ took place. Ramuda was later known as Rahul Sankrityayan. He migrated to India from Sri Lanka on January 30, 1930. At that time he wrote the book ‘Buddhacharya’.

A five-volume PDF file of his precious novel ‘Amar Jiban Yatra’ is provided on this website. Readers, researchers and students can collect the PDF file of the Amar Jiban Yatra Vol-2 from this webpage and read it online.

Amar Jiban Yatra Vol-2 PDF File.

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