Adibasi Lokokatha Vol -1 by Dibyajyoti Majumdar PDF

Adibasi Lokokatha Vol -1 by Dibyajyoti Majumdar Bengali ebook PDF. 

eBook – Adibasi Lokokatha Vol-1,
Author – Dibyajyoti Majumdar,
Book Category – Documentary Book,
Collection – A Research Book,
Format – PDF,
PDF size – 7 MB,

Adibasi Lokokatha Vol 1 by Dibyajyoti Majumdar

Dibyajyoti Majumdar wrote the Adibasi Lokokatha Volume 1 PDF.

Author Dibyajyoti Majumdar has written the books Adivasi Lokokatha (Volume I), second volume and third volume). Indigenous Folklore – The volume I of the book deals with sixteen indigenous folktales from Africa and eighteen indigenous folklores from India. There are also fairy tales, animal stories, folklore and legends. With the publication of the first volume of the book Adibasi Lokokatha, the author has published another volume, i.e. the second volume. Indigenous Folklore (Volume II) is a book about Indigenous folklore from other countries in Asia and Australia. The author also publishes another indigenous folktale on the same subject in the third volume. Indigenous Folklore (Volume III) is a collection of indigenous folklore from the Americas, Pacific and Atlantic Ocean Islands.

All the published folklore bears the glorious tradition of the oral literature of the Adivasi’s. All folktales are previously collected, translated into English and published in the form of propositions. In this sense they are translations from the original indigenous oral language.

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However, the stories of the books from which the author has collected were translated from the original indigenous language with utmost devotion. The author has published three volumes of this indigenous folklore book relying heavily on very old texts. Because when the society was more integrated, the impression of mentality is more likely to be found in it.

After the First World War, the world’s largest contact with indigenous peoples began to become closer. This relationship intensified during World War II. Liberation struggle started in the country against the colonial rule. Many countries gained independence. The scientific facilities of modern education have expanded. This is what is meant. The rich cultural heritage of the indigenous peoples must be carried with reverence, as well as the light of the scientific civilization of the modern world. The plan to isolate them in the dark of the past is another name for inhumane social crime.

As a result of this communication, their thinking will change. In the largest society, we will all be united in brotherhood, we will be one, – this mentality is needed today. Of course, their advanced tradition is not far away. Believing in this idea, the author is very much attracted to the old collection. Because, in all the volumes, including this first volume of his book, he wants to present a somewhat unrealistic picture of their old social life.

Of course, there is no such thing as authenticity in oral literature. Because the narrator must mix the sweetness of his mind. When the communication was a bit less, the mixture of thoughts was less, then the mind can be found in these stories. And the stories that contain pictures of social life and the stories that are almost unfamiliar are the ones that the author has selected and presented in each volume of his story.

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Adibasi Lokokatha (Volume I) PDF File.

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