Adibasi Lokokatha Vol-2 by Dibyajyoti Majumdar PDF

Adibasi Lokokatha Vol-2 by Dibyajyoti Majumdar Bengali ebook PDF. 

eBook – Adibasi Lokokatha Volume 2,
Author – Dibyajyoti Majumdar,
Book Category – Documentary Book,
Collection – A Research Book,
Format – PDF,
PDF size – 6 MB,

Adibasi Lokokatha (Vol-2) written by Dibyajyoti Majumdar

Dibyajyoti Majumdar wrote the Adibasi Lokokatha Vol-2 PDF.

Divyajyoti Majumdar has written the book Adibasi Lokokatha Volume II. There are twenty-seven folk tales in this section. The author has extensively researched them in other parts of the world. The same folklore has noticed different variations. In the conventional sense it can be called loco migration, although modern anthropologists do not accept the theory of migration. They said that in spite of unequal socio-economic development, people of different traditions of the world think in a neutral way, the real expression of which is in oral folklore.

However, anthropologists have to accept this argument, even though it is too late to look for comparative similarities by looking for similarities between folklore, the author has published this book Adibasi Lokokatha (Indigenous Folklore) – Volume II.

He noted the deep similarities between Japanese and Chinese folklore in these island folklore. Hundreds of thousands of Sino-Japanese people have been flocking to the islands for centuries due to the persecution of feudal lords. In the Philippines, Micronesia, Melanesia and Polynesia, the birthplace of thousands of islands in this area is described in poetic language. The people of the island area have a unique identity of poetic mind. Even today, during the festivities, these poems fall into their sweet melody, the knot of the great tradition of the past.

But thousands of natural disasters, inhuman injustices, oppression, repeated repatriation of the pain and suffering they have had to endure. Has had to endure for centuries. Yet the marvelous life-giving power of tradition could not be eradicated even with a hundred cruel stone blows. Invincible people continue to cherish the invincible folk tradition.

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What a wonderful pastime! New Guinea, the world’s largest island, and Australia, the world’s smallest continent, are in this area. Australia, a country of 30 million square miles of diverse flora and fauna, does not carry the characteristics of this area. The identity of Australia must be given separately. Oceania can be divided into three geographical areas. The western belt of the Melanesian archipelago consists of Micronesian small islands in the northwestern Pacific Ocean and Polynesia, which includes New Zealand and numerous islands in the eastern Pacific. An analysis of the cultural-physical-linguistic features of the people of these areas reveals a complex settlement. Extensive migration and mixing of different tribes has taken place in the whole area.

How did this complex demographic happen?

The author has correctly and beautifully analyzed this complex demographics in his book, so if we want to know about the complex demographics, we must read this book. In fact, folk culture never disappears, it evolves, takes a new form in a new socio-economic-political environment, is created in a new way. Indigenous peoples have endured the most adversity, the most brutal, and history has shown that they have repeatedly resisted adversity. Despite being in pain, he is on his way again.

So indigenous culture will survive like a flowing river, like a high mountain, like a green forest, like a song of simple melody. The man who gave birth to this culture, as long as he lives, this culture will proudly declare the existence of his soul.

The author has published the second volume of this book with great collection. This book Adibasi Lokokatha (Indigenous Folklore) – Volume II will be very popular among the readers and researchers and anthropologists.

So for the readers and researchers, the PDF file of the book Adibasi Lokokatha Volume II’ is given on this web page. Readers will be able to collect the PDF file of the book from this page and read it online.

PDF file of the book Adibasi Lokokatha Volume II (Indigenous Folklore).

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