Muktijuddhe Adibasi by Pramatha Gupta PDF

Muktijuddhe Adibasi by Pramatha Gupta Bengali ebook PDF.

eBook – Muktijuddhe Adibasi,
Author – Pramatha Gupta,
Book Category – Documentary Book,
Collection – A Research Book,
Format – PDF,
PDF size – 6 MB,

Muktijuddhe Adibasi by Pramatha Gupta

Pramatha Gupta wrote the Documentary Book Muktijuddhe Adibasi

Author Pramatha Gupta has written the book Muktijuddhe Adibasi (Adivasi in the War of Liberation). Pramatha Gupta was born in the then Mymensingh district of Pakistan. As a teenager, he came in contact with the terrorist revolutionary group. He joined the anti-law movement in 1930 and spent three months in prison. In 1931, he was convicted of robbery and acquitted. But the British government did not release him. He was imprisoned without trial in 1932 and spent 5 years in prison. He was released from prison in 1938.

He then joined the Communist Party of India. Author Pramatha Gupta has written the book Muktijuddhe Adibasi (Adivasi in the Liberation War) through his own experience. The things that the country might have forgotten, the things that he wrote for future historians. Many writers and politicians have congratulated him for this. Comrade Mozaffar Ahmed, a prominent leader of the Communist Party of India, congratulated him on writing the book.

In this book, the author has beautifully described the various incidents of the peasant movement in Mymensingh. The Hajong peasants of the then Mymensingh district gained national fame in the battle of Tebhaga. They lived a life of neglect as non-Muslims in the political climate of Pakistan at that time. All sorts of people and people’s efforts are living in a state of constant discomfort as they are in a state of stagnation. The author has beautifully portrayed them in this book when we have forgotten about them.

Who knows when the indigenous people of this country who are asking about them, lack of interest and friendship will come to us? We are sometimes happy to say that our forefathers did not see the attitude of ruthlessly burning the primitive civilization, the culmination of tolerance, in our history.

That is not to say that it is wrong. Indigenous peoples have a place in the multifaceted and complex culture of India in a very simple way but in a nation based society these freedom loving indigenous peoples have benefited. Yet our attitude towards them has not evolved into a splash of real sympathy. The author has written with compassion about the story of Hajong.

Indigenous peoples of different regions have not imagined to leave their ancient homeland in spite of the communal riots surrounding the partition disaster and the relentless oppression of vested interests. These refugee indigenous people have taken refuge in different places in the Khasi Hills Goalpara, Kamrup and different parts of the district. Among them, especially the peasants of Hajong Dalu and Hari communities were influenced by Bengali Hindu culture for centuries.

In this book, he sheds light on the role of the indigenous people in life and the freedom movement. At present, there is a difficult crisis in their way of life. Their only hope is the socialist ideology and the progressive mass movement of independent India. Author Pramatha Gupta has written this book to draw the attention of the people towards these uprooted farmers.

So the book will be quite admirable to the readers because it is a beautiful analysis of the Adivasi’s, found in very few texts.

The PDF file of the documentary book Muktijuddhe Adibasi (Adivasi in the Liberation War) is given on this page for the purpose of reading to the readers. Readers can easily collect the PDF file of the book ‘Liberation War Adivasi’ from this page completely free of cost and read it online.

PDF file of the documentary book Muktijuddhe Adibasi

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