Sukumar Ray Samagra Rachanabali Vol-1 PDF

Sukumar Ray Samagra Rachanabali Vol-1 Bengali ebook PDF.

Book name – Sukumar Ray Samagra Rachanabali Vol-1 PDF,
Writer – Sukumar Ray,
Book Format – PDF,
Book Pages – 262,
Category – Bengali Story Book,

Sukumar Ray Samagra Rachanabali Vol-1

Sukumar Ray Samagra Rachanabali Vol-1 PDF

The book ‘Sukumar Ray Samagra Rachanabali Vol-1’ is written by Sukumar Roy.
It’s not just a biography, it’s a series of events about the character of an extraordinarily talented man. Sukumar Roy’s great-grandson Loknath Ray was famous for his looks, erudition, talent and skill in zamindari survey.

At the top of the strange branch of the family where Sukumar Roy was born was the multi-talented Upendrakishore. Like other moneylenders of the Indian Renaissance in the nineteenth century, he made a concerted effort to create and defend his field with one hand. He wrote for the little ones, and he planned a new chapter in the world of photography and printing, seeing beautiful creations being distorted by the obesity of incompetent machines. His family was the forerunner of the impeccable creative world that he created with pictures, songs, stories, poems, essays, compositions, etc.

From an early age, Upendrakishore had a penchant for music. From this time onwards, the remnants of his lifelong signature with Rabindranath Tagore were showered with affection towards his children – especially Sukumar Roy and his wife – even after his death.

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Sukumar Ray was born in this house on October 30, 1887 and died on September 10, 1923. From an early age he was talented, very lively and playful. I was curious to know everything. He loved to act and from an early age he used to recite and act on rhyme stories published in children’s magazines. Humor was his instinct. Empathy was part of Sukumar’s character.

He used to buy various costumes for acting. Then his friendship with the literary world began. He started writing plays – Jhalapala, Lakshaner Shaktisheel etc. He formed a group with his brothers and friends and probably formed a club called ‘Nonsense Club’.

He then went to London to study studio and laboratory work. He was one of the leading writers of Bengali children’s literature. He used the pseudonym ‘Pandit’ in some of his writings. He edited the famous ‘Sandesh’ magazine for several years, and his literary genius was fully developed around this Sandesh magazine. Sukumar Roy will remain immortal in Bengali literature for his compositions, Kheyal Ross poems, comedy stories, plays etc. Among his most prolific compositions are books of poetry – ‘Abol-Tabol’ and ‘Khai Khai’. Drama – Abak Jalpan, Jhalapala, Lakshaner Shaktishel, Hingsute, Bhabukasabha, Pagladasu, Bahurupi etc. He will always be remembered for his ‘Abol-Tabol’, ‘Ha-ya-ba-ra-l’ and other incomparable writings.

In the book Sukumar Ray Samagra Rachanabali Vol-1, various events including his life story have been narrated and discussed beautifully. So the PDF file of the book is given on this webpage for the readers. Readers will be able to collect the PDF file of the book from this page and read it online.

PDF file of the book Sukumar Ray Samagra Rachanabali Vol-1.

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