Bharater Adibasi by Himangshumohan Roy PDF

Himangshumohan Roy has written the Documentary Book Bharater Adibasi PDF.

eBook – Bharater Adibasi,
Author – Himangshumohan Roy,
Book Category – Documentary Book,
Collection – A Research Book,
Format – PDF, Pages – 174,
PDF size – 6 MB,

Bharater Adibasi written by Himangshumohan Roy

Himangshumohan Roy wrote the Documentary book Bharater Adibasi PDF.

Author Himanshu Mohan Roy has written the Documentary book Bharater Adibasi (Indigenous Peoples of India). India has been a combination of different tribes for thousands of years. There are many books in Bengali literature on the history of India and the diversity of life, social structure, customs and cultural issues. At different times, there are different writers, literary figures, researchers and their discussions and criticisms.

Descriptive books on tribal life are rarely seen in our country. Author Himanshumohan Roy in his book has beautifully explored the diversity of tribal life, social structure, customs and various other issues. When he wrote the book, there were about 4 crore tribals in India at that time. By these tribals we mean the descendants of the so-called primitive inhabitants of India. They settled in different parts of India thousands of years ago.

Because at different times, anthropologists and researchers have recovered their various stone weapons from different parts of India. We think of indigenous peoples as a weaker ancient inhabitants of society as a whole, even though they do not belong to one group. Different aspects of their life, social situation, their way of life, religious behavior, etc. appear differently in different places. In that context, historians have come to the conclusion that the aborigines belonged to different groups.

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Writer Dr. Himanshumohan Roy was a professor and is known as an outstanding student. He has long researched about indigenous peoples. Moreover, he was directly involved in public and private development work. The University of Calcutta awarded him the title of Doctor of Philosophy for his research achievements. He has sincerely presented various information in this book.

So we believe that Himanshu Mohan Roy’s book ‘Indigenous People of India’ will be warmly welcomed by the people. So the PDF file of the Documentary book is given on this web page for the readers and researchers and for the next generation.

Readers, researchers and students will be able to collect the PDF file of the Documentary book from this web page and read it online.

Bharater Adibasi Documentary book PDF file

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