Bharatiya Foujer Itihas Subodh Ghosh PDF

Bharatiya Foujer Itihas by Subodh Ghosh PDF.

Book – Bharatiya Foujer Itihas (History of Indian Army),
Book Category – Documentary Book,
Author – Subodh Ghosh,
Book Format – PDF,
PDF Size – 20 MB,

Bharatiya Faujer Itihas by written by Subodh Ghosh

Subodh Ghosh wrote the documentary book Bharatiya Foujer Itihas.

The documentary book is Bharatiya Foujer Itihas (History of Indian Army) written on the ‘Various History of Indian Army’ of the then British imperialism in our country. A thorough description of the exploits of the Indian soldiers and all the documents are included in this book, so as a material of history we can call this book a ‘Documentary book’.

Who wrote the documentary book (Bharatiya Foujer Itihas) History of Indian Army?

The book ‘History of Indian Army’ is written by writer Subodh Ghosh. There is no book written in Indian language about the history of Indian Army. It is in English but does not contain all the details. Moreover, the description of the history of the Indian Army has not been properly analyzed. Author Subodh Ghosh has narrated the history of Indian Army chronologically in this book.

Two main principles have been meticulously followed while writing this history of the Indian Army.
Firstly: – Analysis of the nature of British imperialism with the help of the theory of origin, change and evolution of Indian Army.
Second: – To determine the eventual pace and nature of the transformation of the Indian Army into a National Army. How the army which was formed purely as the British Imperial Army has become a model army at the national level. In fact, the author has presented his explanation and analysis beautifully in this book.

Before this book was published, the first part of the history of the Indian Army written by writer Subodh Ghosh was serially published as an article in Anandabazar newspaper, one of the Bengali daily newspapers in India. At the beginning of the discussion, British rule was present in India at that time.

That is why the early context and chapters of the book refer to the British rule as a current event and the identity of the Indian Army given in the chapters is essentially an identity of the Indian Army built on imperial traditions. His notable works are Trijama, Fossil, Shiulibari, Meenpiyasi, Dui Kishori Dui Premik, Subodh Ghosher Shrestha Galpa, Galpalok, Dashti Upanyas, Subodh Ghosher Rachana Samagra, Amnibus, Digangana and Kagajer Nouka. At the beginning of the negotiations, British rule was present in India at that time.

In the next context and chapter, the history of the army of independent India started with the regret with which the history of the army of the subjugated India was started. At the end, that regret has been somewhat relieved by the joy of writing the history of the army of the independent India. In fact, this book has been written to present that joy and glorious military history of the Indian Army to students, researchers and above all to the public of the country.

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History of Indian Army:

The manner in which the Indian Army carried out the operation in Hyderabad has been accepted by historians as a genuine and unprecedented example of the ideals of the true Liberation Army. This operation is a wonderful example of breaking up the armed mobilization of a country-wide aggressor in a very short time, without disturbing the normal life of the people at all.

The tact, restraint, efficiency and organizational genius which the Indian Army, as a liberating force, demonstrated in the Hyderabad campaign, is rarely comparable in the military history of any country. This campaign is still remembered as a novel feat in the history of the Indian Army.

Analyzing ‘History of Indian Army’ we can definitely say that it was ‘History of British Imperialism’. Merchants came to this country to trade; Especially the English merchants. The material which would have required the sacrifice of millions of raw-heads in the trials of hundreds of skirmishes to make the standard of English merchants the scepter of nearly half the world, could not be procured in the British Isles.

The soldiers of Hindustan are not and never were such great military raw material in any continent of the world. English merchants understood the value of these raw materials well.
In that respect the achievements of the English merchants really do not compare. By making the people of Hindustan as sepoys, first occupying Hindustan and then with the help of that army, the establishment of a great imperial domination by occupying the countries and nations of half the world, can you imagine what a great disgrace!

How the English traders in India at that time conquered the whole of India by evicting the Indian landlords and defeating the kings in wars, subjugating everything to themselves. Author Subodh Ghosh has beautifully presented the various stories of that heinous crime in his book ‘History of Indian Army’.

The book will be considered by readers as an excellent reference book on the history of British imperialism. With that in mind, the PDF file of the book is given on this web page. Historians, readers, students and researchers can collect the PDF file of the book from this web page and can also read it online.

Bharatiya Foujer Itihas PDF.

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