Abhijnan Shakuntalam Kalidasa Edited Rajdev Mishra PDF

Abhijnan Shakuntalam is written by the greatest poet Kalidasa and edited Rajdev Mishra.

The name of the book – Abhijnan Shakuntalam,
Author – Epic Poet Kalidas,
Category – Edited Book, Hindi Drama Book,
Original written language – Sanskrit,
Translation – Hindi,
Translators – Rajdev Mishra,

Abhijnan Shakuntalam Edited by Rajdev Mishra

The great poet Kalidasa wrote Abhijnan Shakuntalam, edited Rajdev Mishra.

The Sanskrit Drama book Abhijnan Shakuntalam was written by the epic poet Kalidasa, Translated and edited by Rajdev Mishra. It is one of the best and immortal plays in Sanskrit literature. The great poet Kalidasa is still immortal in this age. Kalidasa is one of the great poets and writers who have written novels in different languages ​​all over the world. The other Abhijnan Shakuntalam has been edited in Hindi by the author Basudev Tripathi.

Readers, researchers and other authors alike will find this essay to be quite different from any other famous drama in the world. The book covers the story’s content, illustrated descriptions of the characters, beautiful dialogues, its poetic aesthetic analogy, and timely stanzas. And above all the phonology of the individual episodes is so amazing that they themselves cannot compete with the other drama Abhijnan Shakuntalam of Sanskrit literature. Then you just have to tell the drama in another language. Shakuntala of the great poet Kalidasa is the epitome of aristocratic beauty and kindness. Besides, the way in which the great poet Kalidasa has edited the story of the whole play, the description and importance of emotion, etc., is a wonderful and realistic one.

The great poet Kalidasa narrates in this book that Shakuntala was born in the womb of the heavenly nymph Menoka in a physical relation with sage Bishwamitra. Whose austerities frightened Indra, the king of heaven. So in an attempt to disrupt the sage Vishwamitra’s goal and his spiritual practice, he sent the most beautiful nymph Menoka to him. Shakuntala was born in the womb of that Menoka, but soon after the birth Menoka left her in the forest and went to heaven.
But what a cruel irony of fate! Shakuntala has to be alone in that forest. The animals and birds of the forest take care of him and keep him. In such a situation, the sage Kanwa saw Shakuntala alone in the forest and brought him to the ashram. And named him Shakuntala. The Ashram of Kanwa Muni continues to be nurtured with absolute affection. Kanva sage loved her like a daughter.

The life story of Shakuntala has been narrated in a very short form in Abhijnan Shakuntalam. But what has been described will touch the heart of the reader. In this book, the heart-wrenching story is presented in a wonderful way. If we narrate the events of the first episode, we will see in the rhythm that at that time a king, seeing Dushmanta Shakuntala, became overwhelmed with her form and offered love and they got married through ring exchange. Then many things happened in his life. In the second episode we see that he was sent to that king Dushmanta. Later, King Dushmanta refuses to recognize him. Shakuntala is furious and upset. In a fit of rage, the king rebuked the enemy. Then various incidents took place. Eventually, the meeting of Emperor Dushmanta and Shakuntala of Hastinapur took place at the ashram of Marichi Moharshi, son of Brahma. We must read such a heart-wrenching book. Shakuntala’s fame spread all over the world because the famous English linguist Sir William Jones translated the book into English in 1789. About 300 years ago, the German author George Forrester translated the English text into German in 1891. At that time the book was widely circulated in Germany and the people there began to collect the book with interest.

The greatest German poet of that time was Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. He expressed his heartfelt feelings after reading this book Abhijnan Shakuntalam translated into German, it is a wonder! Which is impossible to describe in words. He was so fascinated that Kalidasa wrote the greatest drama in the world. He says that the great poet Kalidasa is compared to the English poet William Shakespeare, but I believe that comparing it is nothing but madness. There is a big difference between the two. The great poet Kalidasa is a poet of many old times, and William Shakespeare is of our present time. There is no doubt that Shakespeare is one of the best poets in the world of English literature, but the work of the great poet Kalidasa is such that no one can reach his realm.

So this best drama experience is given on this web page for the readers of the book Shakuntalam. Readers will be able to collect PDF files of the book from this page and read online at will.

Hindi Drama Book PDF file of Abhijnan Shakuntalam by Rajdev Mishra.

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