Ramayani Katha by Dinesh Chandra Sen PDF

The Ramayani Katha Mythology Book by Dinesh Chandra Sen Bengali PDF. 

Name of book – Ramayani Katha,
Author – Dinesh Chandra Sen,
Book Category – Mythology Book,
book pages – 496,
Book Size – 5 MB,
Book cover – PDF,

Ramayani Katha by Dinesh Chandra Sen

Author Dinesh Chandra Sen has written a historical religious book on Ramayani Katha.

Author Dinesh Chandra Sen has written a historical religious book Ramayani Katha. He has beautifully presented the mythological book Ramayani Katha. In this book, who is Ramchandra and his character-portrayal is incomparably portrayed. The details of the Mahabharata are not well known to the Bengali readers at present, therefore the author has given a lot of narration of Ramayana in the context of Ramchandra. Those who read this book just talking about the character of Ram, may think that many places are wasted. If the experienced readers of Ramayana read this narrative with patience, they will know the main details of Ramayana and will be able to understand the differences between Krittivasi Ramayana and the original Ramayana. The same words can be repeated in some of the articles. Writer Dinesh Chandra Sen thinks it is necessary to repeat the same words in order to show the development of the character of each of them.

All the verses that have been translated in this text are not exactly literal in some places but are written according to the original text everywhere. There was no opposition anywhere. Author Dinesh Chandra Sen has translated this book using Garesio’s version in many places, which is not found in the Bengali versions of the conventional Balmiki Ramayana. At the time of writing this author’s book Ramayani Katha, he requested the poet Rabindranath Tagore to write the introduction of this book and he wrote the introduction of this book in short words. Such a great poet wrote his introduction in this book, which is definitely appreciated by the readers. As a result, the first edition was exhausted in a very short time. In this book, the author has given a brief description of the epic of Dinesh Chandra Sen and its subtle meaning and essence. Most of the essays on Dasaratha and Ramchandra were published in Bangabhasaya and Bangadarshan magazine on the eve of this book. In this text, of course, those articles have been radically refined and enlarged.

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When the Ramayana-Mahabharata was not classified in comparison with other poems of the world, their name was history. They have been named ‘Epic‘ after checking in foreign literature. The Bengali naming of the epic word is epic, so we call the Ramayana Mahabharata an epic in Bengali.

Poet Rabindranath Tagore says in this book about Ramayana Mahabharata, Ramayana-Mahabharata has been flowing in India for centuries. It has never dried up, but continues to flow all over India. It is being read every day in the village, in the house. Everywhere from the grocery store to the king’s palace he is equally respected. Blessed is the poet couple, whose name has been lost in the vast expanse of time, but their words continue to carry power and peace in the doorsteps of millions of men and women even today. Hundreds of ancient centuries have brought silt all the time and have kept the land of India fertile even today.

So in this situation Ramayana Mahabharata should not only be called an epic, it is also history. Not the history of events, because such a history is based on a particular time – the Ramayana Mahabharata is the eternal history of India. Other histories have changed over time but this history has not changed. The history of the sadhana, the Aradhana, the Sankalpa of India has always been on the throne between these two great epics. For this reason, the critique of Ramayana-Mahabharata is distinct from other critique of poetry.

Why did Dasaratha promise his wife Kaikiyi that he would anoint Kaikiyi’s son?
Why did Dasaratha Raja make such a promise? Or what was the reason for his promise? This book is a must read if you want to know the correct answer.

So for the readers, the PDF file of the famous historical and mythological book Ramayana Kotha is given on this webpage.

Readers can easily collect the PDF file of the book from this webpage and also read online if they want.

PDF file of the book Ramayani Katha.

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