Durga Puja Paddhati Edited by Ashutosh Tarkatirtha PDF

Durga Puja Paddhati Edited by Ashutosh Tarkatirtha PDF.

Book Name – Durga Puja Paddhati (Durga Puja Methodology),
Festival – Main National Religious Festival (Bengali region),
Category – Edited Book,
Book Pages – 137,
Book Format – PDF,
PDF file Size – 4 MB,

Durga Puja Paddhati Edited by Ashutosh Tarkatirtha

Durga Puja Paddhati Edited by Ashutosh Tarkatirtha PDF.

The book Durga Puja Paddhati (Durga Puja Methodology) has been edited by Ashutosh Tarkatirtha. This Durgapuja method book is based on Kalika Purana. Durga Puja festival is celebrated according to various religions. But Brihanandikeswara Purana has not been found yet. Somewhere the goddess is worshiped according to the Puranas. According to the Kalika purana, this book contains the rules of worship. The Kalika purana text is available. Editor Ashutosh Tarkatirtha has compiled this book by collecting a lot of information from that Purana so that the worshipers can schedule and abide by the Durga Puja festival rules perfectly. Especially when performing Durga Puja, all the mantras that have to be recited on the dwarf side have to be recited with devotion. But nowadays in many books and magazines there are many differences in the pronunciation of the mantras and rules and regulations of Durga Puja. In many cases the worship mantras are misread. Worship according to the Puranas, according to the rules of the Puranas, otherwise the worship becomes baseless.

Those who worship are more likely to be evil. In view of all these aspects, the author has published this book in a pure manner. In this text, most of the methods of Durga Puja have been collected and recorded according to the rules of Kalika Purana. Mantras like Puja Ghat Establishment Mantra, Adhibas Mantra, Pran Establishment, Bodhan Mantra etc. have been revealed in a flawless manner.

Description of Durga Puja: – আশুতোষ তর্কতীর্থ সম্পাদিত ‘দুর্গা পূজা পদ্ধতি’ বই এর পিডিএফ।

Hindus in different parts of India perform this Durga Puja with great devotion. Even outside India, this Durga Puja festival is celebrated under different names. Durga Puja is the main national religious festival of Bengali Hindus in India and Bangladesh. This Durga Puja festival is solemnly celebrated by the Bengali’s and everyone is mesmerized. The joy of Durga Puja starts from Mahalaya.
Goddess Durga is a mythical deity. Goddess Durga is called Durgatinashini Durga. In Brahma, a demon named Mahishasura, the disobedient man, takes possession of the kingdom of heaven. The gods try to produce from the kingdom of heaven and start oppressing them in various ways. At that time the gods who lost the kingdom took refuge in Vishnu. The goddess who is born from the Tejokunja of all the Debata (gods) under the direction of Vishnu is Durga Devi. Armed with the power of the Debata (gods) and armed with various weapons, the goddess became a superpower and killed Mahisasur in battle, hence another name for the goddess is Mahisasurmardini. There are detailed descriptions of Goddess Durga in Kalikapurana, Brihanandikesvara Purana, Durgabhaktitarangini Durgotsavattattva Purohit Darpan etc.

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Durga Puja Paddhati PDF file.

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