Eksho Bacharer Sera Lekhikader Priyo Galpa Edited by Suchitra and Ujjwal PDF

Suchitra Bhattacharya and Ujjwal Kumar Das have edited the Novel 100 Year’s Favorite Story of Best Female Writers.

Novels – Eksho Bacharer Sera Lekhikader Priyo Galpa.
Edited by Suchitra Bhattacharya and Ujjwal Kumar Das.
Book format – PDF file.

Suchitra Bhattacharya and Ujjwal Kumar Das have edited the novel – ‘Eksho Bacharer Sera Lekhikader Priyo Galpa‘ (100 Years Favorite Story of Best Fimale Various Authors).
Not only the creation of Bidhata, you have created men and women, you have created beauty.
According to the present social system and state structure, most of the people revolve around it with unwelcome thoughts. But in reality, even if it cracks, and then the words of the world poet are uttered in the voices of women – “If you are happy and sad, my companion, you will get my identity”.

It is not enough to stop just saying this, a woman cannot be satisfied with her desire to be a companion only. There is intense anger in his mind. Gradually his mind began to expand in the sky like a accumulated cloud.
At one point, the registered clouds fell like a torrential downpour. Leaving the path of petition, he became vocal in demanding his rights. The world poet also became vocal – “Why not give women the right to win their own destiny?” – The sound of this vocal voice began to spread all over the world.
Why so much inequality deprivation dependence only on gender. As a result, the 21st century has been marked as the year of women’s empowerment.

The curse of women in India that has been lingering on like a stone for a long time is the chained women’s society. Although it was possible to increase the stagnation of this stone by many protest movements, it was not possible to eradicate it completely. As a result, the status of women in this patriarchal society depends on the kindness, compassion, will or reluctance of men. In the long-standing practice, women have accepted this custom naturally.

A woman accustomed to this custom or practice is an ideal housewife, chaste, service-minded bride, daughter or sister in the eyes of a family and society. Even within the discipline, those women have given us stories of different experiences by keeping their writing active.
The favorite story book of the best writers of 100 years has been compiled by selecting some stories from that treasure of Bengali literature. One by one the stories of all the writers who were born from one and a half years ago to 1960 have been selected for this book. Readers will find a continuum of evolution in the writings.
If any author’s stories have been inadvertently omitted in this compilation, you must let us know in the comment box and we will endeavor to include them in the next edition.
Finally, I would like to thank Bijay Krishna Das Mahasaya, the publisher of this collection, for publishing such a collection is very difficult and impossible without tireless efforts. Many thanks and appreciation to compilers Ujjal Kumar Das and Suchitra Bhattacharya from this web portal. Readers are requested to read this compilation and comment on our web page so that we can put some more such books on our web page.
You can collect and read the PDF file of this book from this page. Below is the link of the PDF file of the book Eksho Bacharer Sera Lekhikader Priyo Galpa (Favorite Story of 100 Best Writers of the Year)

The PDF file of this book “100 Year’s Favorite Stories of Best Female Various Authors“.

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