Bhutera Sab Ekhane edited by Ajay Dasgupta Popular Bengali Ghost Stories

Bhutera Sab Ekhane a collection of selection Bengali Ghost Stories edited by Ajay Dasgupta.

Book Pages- 230,
Book Size-12 MB,
Written by Various popular writers.
Bhutera Sab Ekhane edited by Ajay Dasgupta
Selected popular Bengali Ghost Story edited book ‘Bhutera Sab Ekhane’.

There are many arguments about whether there is a ghost or not. Whatever the ghosts or the Gods that say, we are involved in our hearts. So all the stories that are written about them are attracted to big stars.

I’ve got them all gathered in one place. Different types of rosettes and various kinds of spiders have been highlighted. They themselves have easily accepted co-existence. There are 35 stories in this book. The taste of all the stories is different. More stories might have been given, but the size of the book had to be drawn in order to keep a certain size.

The story behind ‘Jakhan Andhakare’ (When the darkness)’, ‘Ke Pichane’ (Who behind), ‘Kajer Lok’ (‘Workman)’, ‘Saat Bhuture’(‘Seven Ghosts’), ‘Upachar’, ‘Bhoot nei  Petni  Nei’, ‘Jhara Pata’. The application of these stories is a little different.

The ‘Kurusher kaj’ is the first story of the well-known Poet Bhumendra Guha. In the first writing of prose, he has shown the work of the beautiful knit bowl which is an absolute one.

Bengali horror story ‘Kalo Morag’ (Black Cock), ‘Revenge of Insatiable Soul Story’ of Arun Ayen, which reads the reader’s body will become frozen.

Right now, the story of ghosts is not present nowadays and the readers do not want it. They find out the story of sharp logic. Also writing intellectual work because, in the literature of today, the competition for ghosts is that of fiery intelligence.

These stories will be good for readers, I hope to thank them with this hope beforehand. The above all sentences have been described this book in the book’s editorial by the Honorable Secretary. Hope to see and read it very well said by the.honorable editor Ajay Dasgupta.

Bhutera Sab Ekhane popular Bengali Ghost Story book has been edited by Ajay Dasgupta. Readers can read this Ghost story book from this page.

Bhutera Sab Ekhane popular Ghost Story Bengali ebook pdf

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