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Gogol Omnibus Detective Story Book was written by Samaresh Basu.

Book- Detective Story,
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Book Pages- 516.

Gogol Ominbus by Samaresh Basu

Gogol Omnibus Detective Story Book was written by Samaresh Basu.

Samaresh Basu was one of the popular Bengali fiction writer in India. Gogol is most intelligent and obedient In this story. This fictional detective character Gogol Omnibus is very popular for children till now.but it was published near about forty years ago. Sonali Parer Rahashya a short story from Gogol Omnibus detective character was filmed in 2013 and was released  with the title Goyenda Gogol. He writes lot of stories and novel based on Gogol adventure. Most of the Gogol series were published in Bengali child Magazine like Anandamela.

Gogol’s creator Samaresh Bose wrote various types of closed factories and various types of stories in his writings. We talk about a lot of suspicious adventures of Google, which is why this little detective has become a child of their own, when they did not know their loved ones, they did not know that they loved them, after reading a story of them, waiting for month-to-month-in-waiting breath, to know the next story, In the same way Google and children from childhood have been adolescents.

Samaresh Bose, the creator of the Gogol story, named him Gogol? Other names could also have been kept. Samaresh Basu got the name of Gogol, he is the same entity of Kalkut. When Kalakoot went to Kumbh Mela, he first came to know the name of the son of Dr. Arun Kumar Mitra, whose name was ‘Gogol’.

Gogal’s extraordinary power was in all things. His blood never blew away from his body. She always came back to her mother’s lap. And yet, a fun thing would not be able to avoid the eye, there was no difficulty in eating her while in captivity.

In order to prevent and punish the telephone by the bandit who kept him away from the house and threatens to kill him, these innocent people again make arrangements for bed to bed on the foam cottage. He gave her a potta, chicken meat and sweet.

In their kindness, Gogol gets eaten as a morning meal, toasted butter, omelet, sandal or coffee and gets as food for midday meal, chicken sour and sweet. Happiest Christmas in the afternoon Christmas is the Christmas cake.
Indeed, where there is no mother, no bank or bankim – there is no way, if there is no arrangement for these delicious food and cheeks in the empty stomach, then what are these thorns?

It can also be seen that Gogol gets some partners in various adventures, who indirectly helps him to recover the mystery. However, no matter how much help, limb Meda, elo penuda, leopard duo and famous detective Ashok Thakur, may be able to claim this kind of intelligence at the heart of Bangla literature.
So when reading the story, it will be learned more about the honorable editor Nitai Basu said these words.

It can also be seen that in some adventures Gogol receives some partners who indirectly helps them to recover the mystery. But limbu, meda Ila, Alege, Bijit, Bhabuda and the great detective Ashok Thakur oh no matter how much help can help, but this story can be claimed in the Bengali literature. So reading this story will be known as the honorable editor Nitai Basu

He writes lot of memorable short stories, novel who are the helplessness of low-level people in this independent country. He was awarded by Sahitya Academy, Indian’s National Academy of Letters for his most notable work Shambo. His notable works are Abachetan, Ami Tomaderi Lok, Adi Madhya Anta, Amar Ayanar Mukh, Tridhara,Tin Purush, Andhakare Alor Rekha, Anandadhara, Achinpurer Kathakata, Baghini, B.T. Roader Dhare, Bijarita, Gogol Amnibas, Prakriti, Projapati, Jar Ja Bhumika, Chayacharini, Deoyal Lipi, Tin Purush, Bibor, Ke Nebe More, Lagnapati, Punaryatra, Hariye Paoya, Rupayan, Marshumer Ekdin, Tarai, Ranir Bazar, Goyenda Ashok Thakur Samagra, Shashtha Ritu, Shalgherir Simanai, Shesh Darbar, Uddhar etc.

This book contents given below.

Gogol Ominbus writtn by Samaresh Basu

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Gogol Omnibus

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