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Ami Tomaderi Lok Novel by Samaresh Basu PDF

Ami Tomaderi Lok Novel by Samaresh Basu Author – Samaresh Basu Book Size- 22 MB, Book Pages-505. Ami Tomaderi Lok by Samaresh Basu ebook PDF. Samaresh Basu was a noted Indian Bengali writer, novelist. Kalkoot (Kalkut) and Bhramor are his pseudonym. In his writings, a thorough description of the political activities, the lives of the […]

Tin Purush Novel by Samaresh Basu PDF

Samaresh Basu has written Tin Purush Novel by ebook PDF. Name of Book- Tin Purush, Name of Writer – Samaresh Basu, Samaresh Basu wrote the novel Tin Purush PDF. Biography: Tin Purush was written by Samaresh Basu ebook pdf. He was an Indian Bengali poet and novelist. He was born on 11 December, 1924 in Bikrampur, […]