Tin Purush by Samaresh Basu ebook pdf

Tin Purush by Samaresh Basu ebook pdf.
Name of Book- Tin Purush,
Name of Writer- Samaresh Basu,
Tin purush by samaresh basu
Tin Purush by Samaresh Basu ebook pdf.

Tin Purush was written by Samaresh Basu ebook pdf. He was an Indian Bengali poet and novelist. He was born on 11 December, 1924 in Bikrampur, Dhaka. now it is in Bangladesh. He died on 12 March,1988. He was awarded in 1980 Sahitya academy Award in Bengali for his novel, Shamba. He won the Filmfare awards for best story for Namkeen in 1983. He wrote more than 200 short stories and 100 novels. Samaresh Basu is a major figure in Bengali fiction. He is major populated for his writings Projapati, Raat Bhore-e Bristi Bibar, Paar, Shreshtha Galpo, Nater Guru, Nirjan Saikate, Prajapoti, Tin Purush, Uttara and more.

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Tin Purush by Samaresh Basu.
Book Size- 12 MB
Book’s Pages- 170

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