Shrestha Galpa Modern Short Story Collection of Samaresh Basu


The story collection book Shrestha Galpa written by Samaresh Basu.

Book pages- 210,
Book Format- pdf.


Samaresh Basu wrote a famous collection book the Shrestha Galpa. Many prominent short story attached in this book. He was an Indian Bengali prominent poet, short story writer and novelist also. Samaresh Basu wrote one of the best stories in the collection of many stories. This book, written in parallel with a variety of stories, has got a unique dimension. It may be said that Samaresh Basu, the famous Bengali writer, is himself an inexhaustible Bengali story house.

Samaresh Bose can not be divided into such a level that has started the turn of his own life after finishing the quest for life. Because when confession has been written, Samaresh Basu has entered another stage. We have seen, even after confession, he wrote Pele Lege Jaa, Moreche Pyalga Farsa – that is, to know life, I know myself.
To know yourself, go deep into life. The writer’s artistic entity gets the fullness of this photocopy. If you do not know how to tear yourself into the trunk and see how the society will be seen in the trunk.
Story writer Samaresh Bose is so endless and so forth.

Samaresh Basu wrote a collection book is Shrestha Galpa. He was an Indian Bengali prominent poet, short story writer and novelist also. He was born on 11 December, 1924 at Bikrampur of Dhaka under the country of Bangladesh. For his novel ‘Shamba’, he was awarded the Sahitya Academy Award in Bengal in 1980. . He won the Filmfare awards for best story for ‘Namkeen’ in 1983. He wrote more than 200 short stories and 100 novels.  He died on 12 March,1988.
Samaresh Basu is a major figure in Bengali fiction. He is popular for his writings ‘Projapati’, ‘Raat Bhore-e Bristi’, ‘Bibar’, Paar, Shrestha Galpa, Nater Guru, Nirjan Saikate, Prajapati, Uttara and more.

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Shrestha Galpa short story collection book .

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