Ami Tomaderi Lok Novel by Samaresh Basu PDF

Ami Tomaderi Lok Novel by Samaresh Basu

Author – Samaresh Basu
Book Size- 22 MB,
Book Pages-505.

Ami Tomaderi Lok by Samaresh Basu

Ami Tomaderi Lok by Samaresh Basu ebook PDF.

Samaresh Basu was a noted Indian Bengali writer, novelist. Kalkoot (Kalkut) and Bhramor are his pseudonym.
In his writings, a thorough description of the political activities, the lives of the working people and the various experiences of sexuality emerged. In 1980 he received the (Sahitya Academy Award) Literary Academy Award. He was born on 11 December 1924 and died on 12 March 1988..

Nitai Basu, while writing the role of this book, has highlighted some of the poets. The poet could not be united with all the people at all levels if he wanted to ‘color the color of everyone’.
His obstacles in the way of his living fences, he did not get to the door of entry everywhere, reaching the end of his life, he was deeply stirred by Rabindranath’s pain in his individual position.
Rabindranath Tagore could never have been equal to those classed people despite religion, education, tradition, family status, and continuous tension in the treasury of Visva-Bharati.
Basically for those whose thoughts, interest, interest and curiosity and, above all, are all about past suspicion. Because of the limitations of his experience, he could not enter the house of the neglected people, but he wanted to appear in his court. Classically his story novels are largely based on middle class and in the form of middle class classes, they define their novels and short stories. Moreover, they did not have any link with the consciousness of the cultural representatives of their countrymen, but they were in the dark surrounded by the blacks of illiteracy.

Rabindranath Tagore knew it, but in order to show his true identity to the poet, who was scared of a class of people, he had to stand in the footsteps of fallen and humiliated people, instead of fame and honor drug, he wanted to get involved in human history with those fallen, exploited and trampled.

Samaresh Basu had no sentimental attitude in life or artistic thinking. He could choose the materials of the story from any subject. Writing a wall on the wall on the way to the brothel, he wrote only the story of Bangla story writing about administrative abomination or wrongdoing, due to sexual intercourse with his daughter, and the body was brought to the crematorium by the father and boy. On one hand, there is a spiritual crisis, on the other hand economic problems. He has expressed the pain of the people suffering from these two overwhelming life.

When the pain and helplessness of low-level people have inspired their artists, the sensitive writers associate their language with their dialectical perspective, which make the character and creator stand in the same line – when Shana Bauri katakata Shana as Sundar Rai When he was talking to Haran Ganguly about his distressed life’s deepest crisis, the reader can know that the citizens of the country can not save his wife from the lusts of high-level people,
Because Kedar has rice, you also have him. They have a police, Daroga, also Dumka headquarters. Do I have?
No, someone near Shana Bauri. In this independent country, education opportunities, financial well-being, administrative steps, proper application of law, neutrality of the judiciary, everything is here, but not for people like Shana. Like the huge monster they are in the dark, they will break down the road climbing behind the rocky hill of the Rajmahal and the huge canvas of the immense mind.

Yet, in the midst of their social gatherings, they have a great experience in poet life with their souls having an ear to their souls, and their place is eternal in what their dear friends have become permanent, so he can declare that I am your own people (Ami Tomaderi Lok).

He wrote lot of memorable stories who are the helplessness of low-level people in this independent country. He was awarded by Sahitya Academy, Indian’s National Academy of Letters for his most notable work Shamba.

The Contents of Ami Tomaderi Lok by Samaresh Basu given below.

Ami Tomaderi Lok- Samaresh Basu

His notable works are Abachetan, Ami Tomaderi Lok, Adi Madhya Anta, Amar Ayanar Mukh, Tridhara,Tin Purush, Andhakare Alor Rekha, Anandadhara, Achinpurer Kathakata, Baghini, B.T. Roader Dhare, Bijarita, Gogol Amnibas, Prakriti, Projapati, Jar Ja Bhumika, Chayacharini, Deoyal Lipi, Tin Purush, Bibor,.Ke Nebe More, Lagnapati, Punaryatra, Hariye Paoya, Rupayan, Marshumer Ekdin, Tarai, Ranir Bazar, Goyenda Ashok Thakur Samagra, Shashtha Ritu, Shalgherir Simanai, Shesh Darbar, Uddhar etc.

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Ami Tomaderi Lok

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