Prithibir Shreshtha Bhooter Galpo by Famous Authors PDF

Prithibir Shreshtha Bhooter Galpo by Famous Authors PDF.

Book Name – Prithibir Shreshtha Bhooter Galpo,
Compiled by Various Ghost Writers,
Edited – Aniruddha Chowdhury,
Book Format – PDF,
Book Pages – 651,
PDF Size – 28 MB,

Prithibir Shreshtha Bhuter Galpo trans. by some famous Indian writers.

The book Prithibir Shreshtha Bhuter Galpo (The World’s Best Ghost Story) has been edited by famous and best writers of India. It has been translated by collecting ghost stories of famous writers from home and abroad in various ways through the long efforts of the best writers. The book Prithibir Shreshtha Bhuter Galpo (The Best Ghost Stories in the World) collects the original stories of foreign ghost story writers of the past and present, arranges and evaluates their smooth and fluent translation, and the large book of over six hundred pages is beautifully printed.

The first question that arises in the mind of each of us, what is a ghost? What are ghosts called? In a word, it is very difficult to answer this question, but it can be said that the soul of a dead person becomes a ghost only when he returns to the living. For centuries, people have held this belief to be a ghost. In French, the ghost is called Revenant, who has returned from the grave.
Ghosts can be of many kinds. People generally believe that people who die mysteriously or accidentally in an evil environment return to their former home in the hope of peace. Skeletons are often found in a secret room or in a tunnel to demolish or renovate a haunted house. After burying the skeleton, the ghost attack often goes away. Again in many cases good-natured ghost stories can be heard. Curly, sweet-looking old ghosts often caress, take care of helpless, homeless children, come at night and put them to sleep. In a word, evil or good, evil or calm, ghosts come back from the grave, walk in front of all of us, even speak. Somehow we can feel their existence. All these are ghosts. Therefore there are ghosts, it is the idea of ​​many, many see in them.

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But now it is the age of twentieth century science. The transformation of human beliefs about ghosts has taken place in this century and it is bound to happen. In the present age, people believe that there are ghosts, but they are not living beings but a kind of existence. That is to say, they are like watching pictures on TV or screen. The comparison is very useful. 100 years ago, if a man tried to show a picture of a man’s trunk on the moon in a living room box, he would be burned to death as a witch. But in today’s life it is a universal truth. Today we know all this, at least our idea is to know. With the increase of human knowledge over time, we will be able to know and understand how much more. But it is also true that there are still many things on the horizon of our villages and states 100 years later that may be caught in the light of our knowledge. Today we can easily understand the meaning of radio, television, tape recording or photograph. In the near future, maybe we will be able to understand ghosts and ghostly existence so easily. A photography requires a camera, a feeling artist, a photographer and something to be photographed. Such a cunning is a shadowy existence that makes its mark on the space of a sentient being. And when they are reactivated in a convenient environment, they may be able to capture images of a new type of camera in a sharp-sensing film. The modern views and beliefs of western countries about existence.

The complex character differences between our and foreign thoughts and beliefs about our ghosts and ghost stories are remarkably noticeable. In this country we are usually accustomed to reading and listening to all kinds of ghost stories, in which the presence of a ghostly soul is very evident. The ghosts in our ghost stories are seen to be physically present. Sometimes he speaks in tune, he also causes various weird deeds. But in ghost stories in the Western countries, especially in the ghost stories of modern writers, the ghost environment is noticeable and more important than the reappearance. A creepy, heady weather overwhelms everyone there. Curiosity is aroused but no miraculous laughter or nasal voice makes the pores very thorny.

The authors have compiled this book for the readers keeping in mind the characteristic and behavioral differences between the ghost stories of this country and abroad. Readers will decide for themselves which of the ancient and modern interpretations of ghost and ghost stories is correct. The authors of this book say that for many years, our path of knowledge has not been reached by the world and ghost researchers are still researching to rescue it. Human knowledge is far-reaching, but we know how much of this vast world.

Every story in this book is written in a combination of thrilling and thrilling stories ‌ so this book will be cherished by the readers and everyone will be thrilled, in the hope that the PDF file of the book is given on this page.
Readers can easily collect the PDF file of the book from this page and read it in your time.

Prithibir Shreshtha Bhuter Galpo PDF

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