Jharer Jatri by Hemendra Kumar Roy PDF

Jharer Jatri by Hemendra Kumar Roy Bengali Novel PDF.

Book Name – Jharer Jatri,
Author – Hemendra Kumar Roy,
Genre – Bengali Novel Book,
Book Pages – 266,
Book Format – PDF,
PDF Size – 5 MB,

Jharer Jatri novel by Hemendra Kumar Roy PDF

Hemendra Kumar Roy wrote the Novel Jharer Jatri.

The novel Jharer Jatri is written by author Hemendra Kumar Roy. The novel was published in various magazines before its publication. The novel was mainly written on the theme of caste conflict between different parts of India. Riots and social unrest due to caste conflict gradually reached extreme levels in different parts of the country. The author blames the caste problem as the main reason for the decline of governance and social system in India.

What is the main reason for the downfall of governance in India?

After that, caste conflicts in India became extreme, especially between Hindus and Muslims. Taking advantage of that situation, some selfish people looted, exploited the common people. In this book, the author has presented the grim scene of caste discrimination. However, the caste differences and conflicts were not limited to Hindu-Muslims. Among the Hindus, the image of the distinction between high and low castes came to light. The author has analyzed in this book the image of difference between high and low castes within Hinduism.

About the author: Who is Hemendra Kumar Roy?

His works ware an indispensable and valuable resource for any periodical or anthology. His writings were well-placed in established and well-known magazines. Poet, dramatist and storyteller Hemendra Kumar Roy is one of the names that have shone brightly in Bengali children’s literature for nearly 40 years from the third decade to the sixth decade. It is no exaggeration to say that he was the centerpiece of children’s entertainment literature and stories at this time.

Those who have the experience of this long time will tell you why his stories are famous and unique in children’s literature. If Hemendra Kumar’s stories were not published in any periodical or anthology, then children would not show much appreciation or interest in reading that magazine.

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Ever since the novel Jharer Jatri was published, it has received a great response from the readers. What grim picture of caste division took shape among the Hindus. In this book, he has beautifully shed light on various issues like how Brahmins viewed other communities (Shudra, Vaishya, Kshatriya).

The pdf file of the book ‘Jharer Jatri’ is given on this web page. Readers can collect the PDF file of the book from this web page and read it online.

Jharer Jatri novel PDF of Hemendra Kumar Roy

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