Bharater Arthanaitik Itihas by Ramesh Ch Dutta Bengali PDF

Bharater Arthanaitik Itihas by Ramesh Ch Dutta Bengali Novel PDF.

Book – Bharater Arthanaitik Itihas,
Author – Ramesh Chandra Dutta,
PDF Size – 16 MB,
Book Format- PDF,
Book Pages – 466,

Bharater Arthanaitik Itihas written by Ramesh Ch Dutta

Ramesh Chandra Dutta wrote the Historical novel Bharater Arthanaitik Itihas PDF.

Ramesh Chandra Dutta can be said to be one of the Bengali literary, historical researchers and other writers of the nineteenth century. His role and contribution in literature, politics, economy, administration, literature practice, language practice, history study etc. was outstanding. He was born on 13 August 1848 in the Rambagan Dutta family, his father Ishan Chandra Dutta being a Deputy Collector.

When Ramesh Chandra Dutta passed Indian Civil Service (ICS)?

At an early age, he was exposed to some of the turning points in Indian history – such as the Santal rebellion in eastern India, the expansion of the railways, the establishment of Calcutta University, the first Indian War of Independence (1857), the direct takeover of Indian rule by the British government, the Indigo Rebellion, etc.

He topped the entrance examination in 1864 from the Hair School and later passed his B.A. from the Presidency College. In 1868 he went to England to study. In 1859 AD he secured third place in the Indian Civil Service (ICS) Examination and in 1871 passed the barrister examination and returned home. That same year he returned to the country and assumed administrative duties. Voluntarily retired after 26 years of government work in continuously. An important turning point in Indian history occurred during the 19th century, Ramesh Chandra Dutta assessed. The great social revolution brought about by the British in the Asian continent, in which the destructive aspects were obvious, the energizing aspects were not noticed at first.

When he wrote the Bharater Arthanaitik Itihas (1757 to 1837)?

The Bharater Arthanaitik Itihas (Economic History of India), covering the period 1757 to 1837, was published in 1901. This book was first published in London. It was published into two volumes. The main topic of the first volume was the history of the ‘pre-Victorian period’. The second volume dealt mainly with ‘Economic History’ of the Victorian era. Many books have been published on the history of India, but no such book has been published on ‘Economic History of India’. From that point of view, these two books by the famous history researcher Ramesh Chandra are unique and the book will be considered as an invaluable book for those who are researching or doing research on this subject.

For almost 70 years, it has occupied not only the first place, but also the majority of economic history textbooks. The economic history of India in its true sense is marked by extreme poverty and oppression of the people of India. His main point was that India’s wealth did not increase during the nearly 150 years of British rule, but poverty increased to extremes.

What is the cause of this extreme poverty and frequent outbreaks of famine in India?

In the early years of British rule, the introduction of western education in the country, the formation of efficient administrative machinery and the practice of impartial justice system were seen, but the people of India were seen to be burdened by harsh rule and exploitation. Because there was no such revolution in industry and there was no improvement in agriculture, as a result India’s national income did not increase and poverty increased. The author Ramesh Chandra has presented a clear idea of the subject in his book and expressed extreme warmth. Again, in some parts of the book, the distinct stages of British imperial development are captured very well.

In one word, how did the rise of the British Empire in India happen? The Battle of Plassey in 1757 AD and the accession of Queen Victoria in 1837 marked the rise and expansion of British power during these long 80 years. The author gives a clear picture of the far-reaching political events that led to the rise and spread of British power.

When first published the documentary book Economic History of India (1757-1837)?

The book will be as fascinating as a novel to any reader. It will be a unique experience in reading this book English text is included in Calcutta University’s list of undergraduate and graduate post-level economics textbooks. This is the Bengali translation of that English book. His famous English work was translated by Prof. Amitabh Bhattacharya and Prafulla Roy. History and historical researchers have not noticed any research on the subjects that are mentioned in this book by Ramesh Chandra Dutta.

The work of writing ‘Economic History’ of different periods of this country remains incomplete even today. Ramesh Chandra Dutta, a man of great talent, has shown the way in which his wife Sarthak Karma has written these two books. With our respectful obeisance’s and gratitude, today’s young scholarly and research community is invited to move forward in that direction.

Considering all those aspects, the pdf file of the documentary book Bharater Arthanaitik Itihas (Economic History of India) is provided on this web page for the readers. Readers can collect the PDF file of the book from this webpage and read it online.

Bharater Arthanaitik Itihas (Economic History of India) 1757-1837 Historical Book pdf file.

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