Baishnab Padabali by Sukumar Sen PDF

Baishnab Padabali edited by Sukumar Sen PDF

Book – Baishnab Padabali (Vaishnava Padavali),
Edited by Sukumar Sen,
Format – PDF,
PDF Size – 4 MB,
Book Pages – 112,
Genre – Anthology Books (Edited Books),

Baishnab Padabali edited by Sukumar Sen

Sukumar Sen, one of the literary linguists of Bengali literature, wrote the book Baishnab Padabali (Vaishnava Padavali).

Baishnab Padabali (Vaishnava Padavali) first appeared in Bengal after the publication of ‘Gita Govinda’s Padavali’ written by poet Jayadeva. After the publication of Gita Govinda’s Padavali book written by this famous poet Jayadeva, it spread all over India. After the Vaishnava Padavali written in Bengal by the poet Jayadeva Goswami, no Pada or Padavali can be found with certainty before the last 10 years of the last 15th century. But the most important thing is that there is not a single flaw in the writing of his terms even for the modern generation.

At the end of the 19th century, when Rabindranath Tagore was still a teenager, he wrote some songs based on the Vaishnava Padavali style. He published some of the first Padavali songs in a humorous manner by a Padaktar named ‘Bhanusingha’ which is popularly known to us as ‘Bhanusingha Tagore’s Padavali’. Poet Rabindranath Tagore composed music with melody and rhythm in various parts of his Padavali songs. Those songs touch our hearts even today.

When did Baishnab Padabali (Vaishnava Padavali) first appear in Bengali?

There are two types of Vaishnava Padavali languages in Bengal – one is pure Bengali, the other is a mixed language. The nature and style of which is similar to the works of the ancient poets of Mithila. This part we know as Brajbuli. Brajabuli’s base is Arvachine and Apavransha.

Baishnab Padabali (Vaishnava Padavali) are songs from scratch, but the songs are short life-oriented and beautiful. ‘Vaishnava Padavali’ is literally a song, so everywhere there is an indication of melody and somewhere of rhythm. From the time of the poet Jayadeva, the form of Bengali terminology was defined, we find evidence of it in the songs called Charyagiti. The Vaishnava term Vatsalya Rasa first appears in the 16th century. The society is obsessed with Radha-Krishna’s prem leela. Sri Chaitanya Dev appeared. There are many references to Radha-Krishna’s Premlila or Radha-Virah song.

What are the names of the three main subjects of Baishnab Padabali (Vaishnava Padavali)?

The three subjects of Vaishnava terminology are Krishna-lila, prayer and Caitanya-lila respectively. The Vaishnava Goswamis accepted Chaitanya as a dual form of Radha-Krishna. Therefore Vaishnava poets composed various verses after seeing the behavior of Krishna and Radha with different experiences of consciousness. Which in Padavali Kirtan were sung alternately according to events and rasas such as Krishnaleela story, Gocharan, childhood games, Anuraga, Abhisara, Jalkeli, Rasa, Kunjamilan, Mana, Birha etc. Before starting the padavali kirtan, a chaitanya-vandana song is sung according to that theme, this song is called Gaudchandrika.

What is the name of the largest collection of Vaishnava Padas?

‘Padakalpataru’, the largest collection of Vaishnava Padas, contains more than 3000 Padas. Some more posts are available each with more than 2000 posts. The number of new terms in unpublished works shall not be less than 3000. And it is difficult to say how accurate the number is that has been completely destroyed. This shows how long and passionately the practice of Vaishnava padavali has been going on in Bangladesh. From this prevalence and practice of Padavali, something more emerged in the society of that time. As a result of the attachment and love for these Vaishnava terms of the society of that time, it can be said that firstly – Vaishnava sentiment and attachment of Bengalis, secondly, attachment to Kirtan Geet, thirdly – love of literature.

The thinking heart of that time found the juice of lyrical poetry in Vaishnava Padavali. Tattakatha cannot be ignored in Vaishnava Padas. However, in the Baishnab Padabali (Vaishnava Padavali), the imperishable attraction of worldly love is presented very simply and naturally as the subtle eternal connection of the Jiva-God. The appeal of the Vaishnava term to us today is not so much in theory as in general literary lyric poetry. If Kirtan songs were brought only as the sweet words of Tattva Katha, then could it have reached us after so many centuries with literary glory? This wonder, perfect description and analysis of Vaishnava terms is beautifully presented by author Sukumar Sen in his book. We can remember the poet Rabindranath Tagore as the first and last pioneer of Vaishnava Padavali.

So the PDF file of Baishnab Padabali (Vaishnava Padavali) anthology book is provided on this web page for the readers. Readers can download the PDF file of the book from this webpage and read it online.

Baishnab Padabali (Vaishnava Padavali) Anthology Books PDF file

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