Banga Bhumika by Sukumar Sen PDF

Banga Bhumika by Sukumar Sen Documentary Book PDF

Name of Book – Banga Bhumika,
Author – Sukumar Sen,
Genre – Documentary Book,
Book Format – PDF,
Language – Bengali,
Book pages- 354,
Book Size- 10 MB,

Banga Bhumika written by Sukumar Sen

Banga Bhumika written by Sukumar Sen

The documentary novel ‘Banga Bhumika’ is written by writer Sukumar Sen. He elaborated the history of Bengal in his famous book. There are many books written on the history of Bengal, but the real rise of Bengal, the real life stories and births of Bengalis are not found in any such book. From that point of view, the documentary book Banga Bhumika written by Sukumar Sen is significant.

What is the relationship between the origin of the Bengali language and the beginning of the history of the Bengali nation?

The history of the Bengali nation begins with the origin of the Bengali language, but the author has highlighted in this book that the Bengali language has an earlier history for the readers and researchers. Bengali language is very ancient and if we go back to the roots of this language we will reach Sanskrit language. The author thinks that if we proceed backwards following the traces of Sanskrit language, we will cross the borders of India.

There is much debate about Sanskrit not being the original language of Bangladesh. The first people who started living in this country with Sanskrit as their mother tongue were the ancestors of the Bengalis. Before that, if there was any caste in this country, they were mixed in the colonized group. The eastern part of Bengal was known as Prag-Jyotish at that time. Ganga and Brahmaputra are described as East India. The reason why the name ‘Banga’ became popular at that time seems to be its association with cotton and the cotton industry. It is scientific that cotton plant is the natural plant of this country. One of the meanings of the word Banga is Kapas cotton. This meaning is recognized in Sanskrit dictionaries.

Some suitable descriptions of different sections of Bengal are first found in whose book?

The first authentic, though scant, account of Bengal and its inhabitants comes from the works of Kalidasa. Some decent descriptions of the various parts of Bengal were first found in the works of the Chinese traveler Hiuen Tsang (Xuanzang) in the seventh century. In the 8th-9th century AD, when the Pala throne was well established in the northern Gangetic lands, the left bank of the Ganga became known as ‘Barendrabhumi’ or ‘Barendri’ due to its abundance of prosperity.

However, the lower part of the Ganga was known as ‘Mad Ganga’ and ‘Lohit Ganga’ (Red Ganga) in some places as early as BC. Where the Ganga is vast and raging – especially in the monsoons and autumns – the author may assume the region ‘Unmatya-Ganga’.

The four rivers Ajay, Damodar, Shone and Barakar flowed a lot of red water through the then Bengal. So as such the name ‘Lohit Ganga’ can be said to be correct. The Mahabharata and Puranas of our country have long been known as history. Moreover, we have special devotion to these books. Various descriptions are seen in the said books about Banga Bhumi. Why was there a huge increase in population in Bengal at that time? The author has highlighted this beautifully.

When did the Chinese traveler Fa-Hien come to India?

We do not know when the Arya language came into use in this Bengal or when the inhabitants of this region became Arya speaking. Historians believe that the Aryan language came to this country from the west, mainly along the Ganges. But which Arya-speaking Bhagirath brought the Ganga to this country – its authenticity is still murky. At the turn of the fourth and fifth centuries, the Chinese traveler Fa-Hien came to India.

His main purpose was to collect information on various issues of this country. During this time he was in Bangladesh for two years. Wrote some words about Bangladesh and Tamralipta. The author has highlighted all those quoted parts in this book.

In the book Banga Bhumika the author Sukumar Sen has beautifully highlighted the culture of Bengal and its many forms of development. From that point of view, it will be accepted as an invaluable book by students, researchers and readers. This book is known to be very valuable as a documentary book to readers, students and researchers. So for the readers, researchers and students, the PDF file of the book ‘Banga Bhumika’ is provided on this web page. Readers can collect the PDF file of the book from this website and read it online.

Banga Bhumika Documentary Book PDF file.

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