Chirakaler Chhara by Sunil Jana PDF

Chirakaler Chhara Rhymes books by Sunil Jana PDF.

Book – Chirakaler Chhara,
Edited Author – Sunil Jana,
Format – PDF,
Book Pages -240,
PDF Size – 4 MB,
Genre – Bengali Rhymes Books, Edited Book,
Digital published by Digital Library of India,

Chirakaler Chhara edited by Sunil Jana

Sunil Jana edited the child rhymes book Chirakaler Chhara

The rhymes book ‘Chirakaler Chhara’ is compiled by writer Sunil Jana. Many writers have written many rhymes in Bengali literature to entertain children. Bengali rhymes common in the regional language of Bangladesh were once forgotten by many people. There is no practice or preservation initiative about them, as a result they were mostly rusted. Poet Rabindranath Tagore was the first to highlight the common rhymes for children and boys in his writings.

Conventional Bengali rhymes had no place in children’s literature or in Bengali literature. But later we find that they have found a place in Bengali literature under the influence of Rabindranath Tagore. Apart from Rabindranath Tagore, writers like Abanindranath Tagore, Ramendra Sundar Trivedi, Acharya Sukumar Sen have come forward. These songs or rhymes were sung in tune and rhythm while children and younger were lulled to sleep or put to sleep in their mother’s arms. Author Sunil Jana has compiled this book with the intention of imparting it to children.

Who first to find literary juice in Conventional Bengali rhymes?

In different villages of Bengal, the elderly, especially mothers and grandmothers, and village women used to sing orally and sing in front of the children. The children were overjoyed and overwhelmed. The poet Rabindranath Tagore was the first to find literary juice in these rhymes. Many writers including Abanindranath Tagore were also encouraged and many advised the Bengali Sahitya Parishad to take initiative in collecting these ancient rhymes.

With the encouragement of Rabindranath Tagore, the precious and incomparable rhymes of Bengal have been established in the court of Bengali literature from the mouths of various people. And he saved these precious rhymes from extinction. He said about these precious rhymes, they are priceless resources of Bengali literature, there is life, joy and love in these rhymes. They are eternal, priceless treasures of Bengali literature, they can never be allowed to be lost. When the collected rhymes were first published in the Sahitya Parishad magazine, poet Rabindranath Tagore said – ‘There are nine rasas mentioned in our Alankar Shastra, but the rasa found in ‘Chele Bhulano Rhyma’ does not belong to any of the rasas of the Shastra. This rhyme contains the most primitive childhood rasa.

Bengali rhymes collected through whose efforts were first published in Sahitya Parishad magazine?

Literary researchers and many think that Bengali rhyming word is developed from the Sanskrit word ‘chhata’. All the words-sounds-rhythms that are uttered by the mouth spread from the mouth to the mind, that is the rhyme. These rhymes are sometimes meaningful, sometimes completely meaningless. According to some, the creation of rhyming words is a quick rhythmic composition.

Bengali literature researcher Dr. Sukumar Sen made this statement. Whatever the lexical meaning, this style of rhyming has been around since ancient times. And most of these rhymes were sung by women. Later, these rhymes, closely associated with Bengali life, became commonly known as boy forgotten rhymes. However, it will not be appropriate to say mere boyish rhymes. Their mood, rasa and content are amazingly varied and wide-ranging.

So writer Sunil Jana has collected these precious Bengali rhymes from different books and different areas to present to the readers. He has divided the rhymes into several stages thinking about how many colorful fragmented pictures of the lost domestic life of Bengalis have emerged in the nature of these rhymes in a simple manner.

What is the meaning of rhyme?

This ‘Chirakaler Chhara’ collection is for normal Bengali speaking children and teenagers. Therefore, he could not add many rhymes to this collection due to the weakness of their meanings except many of the regional languages. There is no doubt that the priceless Bengali rhymes in this collection will delight and enthrall children and teenagers.

So the pdf file of the Chirakaler Chhara Rhymes book is given on this web page for children, teenagers and readers. Readers can collect the pdf file of this collection book from this web page and can read online.

Chirakaler Chhara Rhymes books pdf file

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