Jantab Novel by Bhadreshwar Mandal PDF

Jantab Novel by Bhadreshwar Mandal Bengali PDF.

Book – Jantab (Thriller Novel Book),
Author – Bhadreshwar Mandal,
Genre – Hunting Book,
Book Format – PDF (Bengali),
PDF Size -7 MB,
Book Pages – 206,

Jantab hunting book by Bhadreshwar Mandal

Bhadreshwar Mandal wrote the hunting novel Jantab

Jantab is a thrilling novel has written basically for children’s novel. He started writing stories of wildlife and hunting at a very young age. He mostly wrote such stories to entertain children.
The author and artist Mayukh Chowdhury aka Prasad Roy who gave the most encouragement and motivation to write this story. At a very young age, he was inspired to write juvenile literature after reading the works of that author of juvenile literature. This Jantab novel is mainly written about the life and problems of animals and primitive civilizations of human society.

Who wrote the Jantab Thriller Novel ?

Before the Hunting novel Jantab was published, these stories were published in the juvenile magazine ‘Kishore Bharti‘ in 1911. This magazine was originally published for the reading and enjoyment of children and teenagers. He also received honors after some of the author’s stories were published in this children’s magazine.

Thoughts of entering the teenage mind were always running through him. And this is how he wrote various hunting stories exciting stories. He has written exciting stories about the life and struggles of primitive people.

The exciting stories compiled by the author for the entertainment of teenagers and children in this Jantab collection are – Murderer Age 3, Panic of Blue Hills, For Half Inch Only, Red Killer, Duel, Zoo in the Sea, Curse of Besher Boyra Echo, Ordeal, It’s My Turn, Deer is not innocent, Mistake weighs 25 Pounds, Parbati, isbarna, 20th century Dragon, Inhuman Man, They Never Returned etc.

In what year did the German explorers find a cave about four thousand feet above the Swiss Alps?

In this book, he has written many stories about the life of people and animals of primitive era, not only local but also foreign places. There is no doubt that children and adolescents will develop knowledge. It is for this purpose that he composed such stories. There is a lot of truth in his children’s stories and thrillers. For example, in 1923, German archaeologists found a cave about four thousand feet above the Swiss Alps. People lived there about fifty thousand years ago. After this discovery in 1923, scientists from Australia and France found many caves, the remains of primitive people and animals.

At that time in India, the ban on hunting of wild animals was passed. However, in many countries, wildlife killing and hunting laws are still not implemented, perhaps because of the urgency of the fight to save human life. Since the author was writing these children’s stories from a very young age, he did not keep such laws in mind, so he casually wrote many wild animal hunting stories. In this anthology he has published stories with many exquisite pictures. He has published the stories with pictures to make these exciting stories more interesting to the interested and curious readers.

Kishore Bharti Patrika  published for whom?

Many pictures from old editions of ‘Kishor Bharti’ magazine and authors of miraculous stories contributed to him in publishing this collection. We hope the readers will enjoy this thrilling Jantab collection. So keeping in mind for the readers this exciting Jantab Sanklan book pdf file is provided in this web page readers can collect the book pdf file and read online.

Jantab Thriller Novel Book PDF File

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