Samudrik Shastra Bhagya Nirnay by Chhotelal Jain Hindi PDF

Samudrik Shastra (Bhagya Nirnay) by Chhotelal Jain Hindi Book PDF.

Book – Samudrik Shastra or Bhagya Nirnay,
Author – Chhotelal Jain,
Genre – Hindi Book,
Book Pages – 76,
Book Format – PDF,
PDF Size – 3 MB,

Samudrik Shastra or Bhagya Nirnay by Chhotelal Jain

Chhotelal Jain wrote the Hindi book Samudrika Shastra or Bhagya Nirnay .


If a person’s entire life story were to be indulged in, it would run into thousands of pages. But it is true that these scriptures published in Vyasa form are equally involved in human actions. Manifested in the form of society. People do what they do. As a result of that action, he has to suffer that form. Samudrik Shastra or fortune-telling in its silent language conveys the illusion of an unseen deity in the solemnity of words. Only humans have the audacity to understand his voice.

Who wrote the Hindi book Samudrik Shastra or Bhagya Nirnay?

Acharyas have tried to specify the infinite spread of these scriptures through their own experience. He endeavored to lay down definite principles, keeping in harmony with facts and scriptures. This matter is found in a Jain scripture. It has started studying and researching in western countries some time ago.

The architect of the presented book Mr. Mangal Prasad Ji Bishard after studying the books on this subject has compiled it only from the perspective that Hindi speaking as well as people of other languages should be interested in this subject. And they are not just for being lovers of this subject, but for their study and experience. Let everyone get a full experience on the subject. So that some authentic destination is reached and realized in everyone’s mind. Also the society needs to be aware of uneducated foolish astrologers etc. who cheat the village by looking at fake hands.

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The conch, chakra, yava, padmi which is seen in the palm of mankind is called ‘kadu’ and the lines of different shapes which are visible are called ‘kar-rekha’? It is said that just as the auspiciousness of a person’s life is determined by the harmony of both Pada and Olat-rekha, just as seeing the ‘Kartal’ gives a picture of all the events in a person’s life. Ancient pilgrims used to come to see this cymbal – and astrologers, sages and sages used to tell people’s past and future fate.

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Even now astrologers in Western countries are generally respected by looking at the hands and seeing the visible results. Some well-known Western philosopher has said clearly – we are always distracted by the pursuit of fame and fortune and led astray in deep darkness by strong desires; Still no help was sought from Dopak located in Kartal. Who can hide the dawn of wonder?

To be able to draw a rough outline of these useful horizontal lines, some of their roles are presented here, briefly, simply.

Samudrik Shastra ya Bhagya Nirnay – Chhotelal Jain

Jain Sahitya Mandir Saygor published this book. A learned person who does not want to be named wrote it as a dedication to family-friend devotees. So we should be deeply grateful to those learned people. So the pdf file of this hindi book Samudrik Shastra ya Bhagya Nirnay is provided on this web page for the readers. So that the readers can gain knowledge and practice of astrology by reading the Hindi book and collect the pdf file or read it online.

Samudrik Shastra (Bhagya Nirnay) Hindi PDF File.

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