Bishwa Jigyasa by Hiranmoy Bandyopadhyay

Bishwa Jigyasa by Hiranmoy Bandyopadhyay Bengali PDF.

Book – Bishwa Jigyasa,
Author – Hiranmoy Bandyopadhyay,
Genre – Bengali Story Book,
Book Format – PDF,
PDF Size – 20 MB,

Bishwa Jigyasa written by Hiranamoy Bandyopadhyay

Bishwa Jigyasa by Hiranamoy Bandyopadhyay PDF

As a child, Hiranmoy Bandyopadhyay’s father, when he recited the Upanishads in his generous voice, the author was greatly attracted by the melodiousness of his words. Even if he didn’t understand anything, he still listened. After puberty, he understood something and became attracted to philosophy. As a result, he felt the attraction of philosophy intensely throughout his life.

What is the nature of the great power that controls the world and the flow of life in the bosom of the earth? He felt intense curiosity to know it. Many thinkers of the world have tried to solve the mystery of the world by following the light that has been shed on this matter.

Then the desire to make available what the writer knows, what he understands has become intense. But he did not get the opportunity to turn it into action for a long time in his career. Unfortunately, he then suddenly suffered a heart attack. As a result he was forced to retire from active career, then that opportunity came. For the past few years he has devoted all his spare time to writing the present book.

Of course, there are occasional intersections between them. A crippled heart has failed at times and has forced him to stay in bed. However, Hiranmoy Bandyopadhyay was able to finish the book in the end. He said, it was a major aspiration of his life that it was fulfilled and he felt great satisfaction.

What are all the fundamental problems of Philosophy?

The features and discussion of this book are mentioned in detail in the first part of the main book. But it may not be out of place to briefly glimpse it here. Roughly, the discussion area of ​​this book is very wide. It deals with all the fundamental problems of Philosophy. While there are issues of cosmology or epistemology, additionally practical issues of philosophy are also discussed.

As a result, religion, ethics and art also got a place. Secondly, Eastern and Western philosophies are not discussed here separately. When the problem is the same, it does not make sense to discuss the theories established by Eastern and Western philosophers separately.

Thirdly, it is not a history of philosophy. It is a problem-by-problem discussion of basic philosophical problems. All the prominent philosophers of the world have put together the light on special systems, compare! has been and an attempt has been made to determine its value. Where solutions to particular problems have been found, they are clearly stated with rationale.

When established Rabindra Bharati University in West Bengal?

Where it did not go, a solution was set up for consideration. Roughly, an attempt has been made here to give a comprehensive and comparative introduction to philosophy regardless of the country. It is an expression of the collective enthusiasm of the entire mankind in trying to penetrate the mysteries of the world.

The authorities of Rabindra Bharati University are grateful to Hiranmoy Bandyopadhyay for undertaking the publication of this book. Publication Editor Param Prithivajan Sri Ramendra Nath Mallick has shown his deep gratitude to the author by hastening its publication with utmost devotion. Sunil Chattopadhyay, Reader of Jadavpur University, composed the abstract of the book. His notable works are Upanishader Darshan, Bharatdyut Rabindranath, Udbastu and more.

What is meant by practical problems of philosophy?

Curiosity is the instinct of Man‘ – Under the influence of technology, people in today’s era are bound to their own created environment. Nature has no special place in the urban civilization he has developed. With the help of bricks and concrete, he builds magnificent houses; He is divided into different parts and lives in small flats. Bright neon lights in the room. If possible, the house is mechanically air-conditioned. It is not possible to keep the window open; So he has to be closed day and night.

So the entry of air into it is prohibited. In the spring, the south wind blows back and forth against the window. To those who live confined in that room, that air is not only unbreathable but uninvited.

The outdoor environment is almost similar to the city. There, the river does not flow in a straight line through cultivated land. There is no open field to touch Gagan-Lalat. What open space there is is trampled under the feet of man so mercilessly that the grass dies, never having a chance to flourish. He has a path but it is covered with pitch, two sides of the path are blocked with stones.

On that way the public is constantly flowing; People have to push and move. Trying to plant trees somewhere on the edge of the road. Yes, but it does not get a chance to be established in full glory due to the adversity of the environment. Its branches are almost cut off due to the needs of civil life. Movie posters were glued on him.

Is it a History of Philosophy?

In this situation, the majesty of the night sky also remains undiscovered in the eyes of this class of urban people. People live like worms in closed environment. At night the light of the moon does not catch their eyes; Even the deluge of astrologers of Kojagari Poornima (Lakshmi Puja) failed to attract their attention and turned back disappointed. How can you? The desire for a self-made cage will not encourage him to look at the sky in the first place.

If one wants to be freed from delusion and look at the crooked water, that too is in vain. For the innumerable electric lights of streets and shops pervade the sky and draw such a veil over the whole city that the light of astrologers has no power to penetrate. Like the thick mist of a late winter morning it lays an impenetrable veil before the eyes.

So, we have to go to the village environment to see the beauty of nature in the evening or to immerse our eyes in the glory of the starry sky. The city dweller who did not have the good fortune to see it, we say he is lucky. As the poet Kalidasa said to the cloud with the mouth of the exiled Yaksha, I would say that then both his eyes were in vain. The unbridled expanse of green in Dharani’s bosom soothes the eye. The soft lining of the grass under the feet, the branches of the trees are covered with green leaves, the flowers have bloomed, the fruits have ripened.

In a word, the author’s intense desire to know and inform the world has been realized today in this bengali story book Bishwa Jigyasa. For the readers, this book Bishwa Jigyasa (Question the World) will be a special book in their mind. Readers can collect the bengali story book as pdf from this page and read it online.

Bishwa Jigyasa book Pdf file.

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