Aurangzeb : Charitra Bichar by Hasan Ali

Aurangzeb : Charitra Bichar by Hasan Ali Bengali ebook pdf.

Book – Aurangzeb : Charitra Bichar,
Translated by – Author Hasan Ali,
Book Genre – Historical Book,
Book Format – PDF,
PDF size – 4 MB,

Aurangzeb-Charitra Bichar translated by Hasan Ali

Author Hasan Ali Translated the book Aurangzeb : Charitra Bichar.

One of the mysteries of the philosophy of history is that the more publicity an event receives, the more dubious its veracity becomes. For example – Laughing Wall, Couple of Babel, Abe Hayat, Serpent of Bahak and Treasure of Jamshed, etc., seem to have gained more general popularity. But can any existence be found in any of them? That is, most of the things become famous for a particular temporary reason. Then due to the influence of traditionalism it became popular and people started to trust it. Even then there is no need to search for the truth. As a result, it gradually became totalitarian.

Why did Aurangzeb imprisoned his father, kill his brothers and nephews?

The story of Mughal Emperor Alamgir’s downfall is no less than the events mentioned. The list of crimes attributed to him is so long that perhaps no other person has such a long list of crimes. Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb imprisoned his father, killed brothers and nephews, abolished the Islamic state in the Deccan, tortured Hindus, demolished large temples or idols and converted some of them into mosques. and by provoking the Mahrattas shook the foundations of the Timurid state.

Leaving aside all other questions, let us first consider whether these nearly identical charges can be leveled against the most righteous emperor of that dynasty. Who rebelled against his father, killed his brothers and nephews, abolished the Islamic kingdom of Deccan, Nizamshahi and destroyed 65 temples within a year.

What is Aurangzeb so famous for?

But in spite of that, he felt the glory of it for a lifetime, – who is he? He is Timur II (Shaher Kerane Chani) Shahjahan. I am not unaware of the author’s principle that if one person is found guilty, another person is not found innocent, i.e., if Shahjahan is found guilty, Alamgir cannot be said to be innocent.

But the thing to think about is that Shahjahan’s faults which did not reach anyone’s ears, during Alamgir’s time, those faults have become the subject of public discussion in the streets and meetings. What is the reason for this? – We have to read this historical book Aurangzeb : Charitra Bichar to know the reason.

Table of Contents:- Aurangzeb Alamgir

• Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb Alamgir,
• Aurangzeb Alamgir’s Army Campaign,
• Aurangzeb and the Discontent of the Hindus,
• Aurangzeb Alamgir and the causes of earlier discontent of the Hindus,
• The Emperor Aurangzeb Alamgir – Troublemaker of Father and Brothers,
• Misrepresentation of European historians,
• State reform and state order.
• Own qualities : Valor and Bravery.

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Aurangzeb : Charitra Bichar PDF

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