Netaji Subhash Ch Bose His Life and Work by Sopen

Netaji Subhas chandra Bose His Life and Work by Sopen English PDF

Book – Netaji Subhas chandra Bose His Life and Work,
Written by – Author Sopen,
Book Genre – Biography Book,
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Netaji Subhash Ch Bose His Life And Work by Sopen

Netaji Subhash Ch Bose His Life And Work pdf.

The life story of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, beats to an endless rhythm of indomitable heroism and selfless sacrifice. Every page of that story from the occasion of his birth till today unfolds before us a story that is unique to say the least.

One day he will say goodbye to his beloved homeland, a country where most of his young life was spent in a dark prison built by a foreign master. A time came when he could no longer bear the pain of slavery and one day left everything. His only desire was to see his motherland free. He wanted to see Indians walking with their heads held high. During his illustrious career the question of any personal gain never came to him.

Why is Netaji so famous?

The author has tried to outline the life and work of that brave personality in this book. Numerous books on this subject have already seen the light of day. But it can rightly be claimed that this book contains a large amount of hitherto unpublished material. Also, the author has tried hard to see that this book becomes a real story of Subhash Bose’s dynamic achievements rather than a mere chronicle of dry facts. We have no doubt that every Indian will find this book a constant source of inspiration.

How many times Netaji was jailed?

The question naturally arises as to where all the material collected in this book was obtained. First of all, the author presents in this book all the information he collected during his work with Netaji Subhas Bose and I.N.A. Besides, about 50 publications came to his hands over literature from various newspapers published in Calcutta, Delhi and Mumbai.

But all this was not enough for the purpose of this book. The writer was fortunate to have Shri Amritlal Seth, a Sikh Sardar who prefers to remain anonymous, four I.N.A. Officers and some members of the Rani of Jhansi Regiment, all of whom helped him considerably in collecting and collating the reproduced material. It is from them that the author gets a glimpse of the glorious world of Greater Asia. They were so conscientious and affectionate that it would be a travesty of courtesy for the writer to attempt to thank them for their help.

But a special note of thanks to the author’s friend and colleague Mr. Manubhai Mehta. It is not too much to say that without his help it would have been very difficult for him to bring out this book, every page of which bears the imprint of his painstaking work. Finally, the author thanks all those who helped him in the preparation of this work.

Subhash Bose’s biography:

Subhash Bose’s biography does not have to wait for the solution of that very curious question – whether he is still alive or not. Does the answer really make any difference? There are ‘life memories’ and mortal beings in the world. The former arc counted in millions, the latter in one’s fingers. Jawaharlal Nehru said that “Success often comes to those who dare and act“. And it was left to Subhas Chandra Bose, to prove it.

Who gave Netaji title to Bose?

At a time when it was clearly perceived that India’s independence was in question by feats of arms. Just then it was Netaji who marshalled his forces from abroad and chose a line of his own to liberate his motherland. If he dies, he will be a hero and a martyr. Had he lived he would have lived in history as a mystic and prophet, who acted out his visions in real life.

To write the life-story and achievements of such an ardent soul, such a feeble spirit, requires sympathetic understanding and foresight, which are brought to full effect on every page of this book, in the writings of history, biography and ballads.

Is Subhash Chandra Bose is an IAS?

We are sure that like the earlier editions of the book, this edition will also be equally useful for scholars, researchers and devoted readers. So for the readers, the PDF file of the biography book is given on this web page. Readers can collect the book free of cost from this page and read it online.

Netaji Subhas Ch Bose His Life and Work PDF.

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