Amar Naam Kalapahar Historical Novel by Bishwanath Ghosh

Amar Naam Kalapahar Historical novel by Bishwanath Ghosh.

Book name – Amar Naam Kalapahar,
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Bishwanath Ghosh wrote the Historical Novel Amar Naam Kalapahar.

If you want to know the details about Kalapahar, you must read this book. Among those who were the custodians of Hinduism, that is, those who were socialists of Hinduism, was superstition and hypocrisy. As a result of that blind superstition and hypocrisy, ‘Kalapahar’ was created.
Author Bishwanath Ghosh has beautifully analyzed Kalapahar in this documentary book. History is a dictator made up of legends and fantasies, whose name is Kalapahar. The meteor speeds from one end of India to the other. Which is a living horror. Expelled by the Hindus, beaten by the Panda, Kalachand became a Muslim and took extreme revenge. An extraordinary historical document of the unfortunate consequences, which will appear to the readers as a unique historical novel.
Kalachand was a Brahmin Hindu. At that time ‘Soleiman Karbani’ ruled in Bengal.

We will go back to the lap of Mahananda by tearing a page of the history of sixteenth century Bengal. An extinct history will come to life in the dark.
O talk of the past, speak of the past, write the story of history. And we will see the arrows and waves of bliss, his body and burning.
Flowing 256 miles from the mountainous source of the Himalayas, the Mahananda finally joins the Ganges. The city of Gaur was founded by King Lakshman Sen in the twelfth century. Lakshnavati named it after herself. Later, Lakshnavati is better known as Gaur. This region is full of palm, tamal and date palms. The main cottage industries here were palm and date molasses, from which the name ‘Gaur’ is derived.

The conquest of Bengal by the Afghan fortune teller Bakhtiyar Khilji is a stigmatized chapter in the history of Bengal. A mixed story. Bakhtiyar Khilji defeated the old and useless king Lakshman Sen without a fight. Bhojan Priya Lakshman Sen was having lunch at that time, when he got the news that Pathan Navaddeep had attacked with a huge army. They have broken into the houses of the Muslims. If you want to survive, you have to escape. Without verifying the truth of the news, the frightened and cowardly king fled the capital like a thief with his family through the back door. He fled from Navadwip to East Bengal, later establishing his capital at Gaur.
In 1350, another adventurous warrior Shamsuddin Ilyas shifted the capital to Pandua, 70 years later Jalaluddin re-established the capital of Gaur. At that time ‘Sultan Suleman Karbani’ conquered Bangladesh by force of arms, but did not like the prosperous capital Gaur.
Eventually he chose a small Hindu village, Tanda, on the banks of the Mahananda, and decided to build his capital there.

Readers will be able to know about Kalapahar beautifully by reading this beautiful historical novel which is full of various histories. For that purpose, a PDF file of the book has been provided on this web page.

Amar Naam Kalapahar

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