Maharshi Vedvyas Holy Scriptures Geeta in Bengali

Maharshi Vedvyas Holy Scriptures Geeta in Bengali. 

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Maharshi Bedavyas has called Geeta the sacred Dharma Shastra of every human being.
Prior to Sri Krishna’s time Maharshi Vedvyas, no scripture was written. Breaking this tradition of Shruti-Gyan, he compiled the books like Vedas, BrahmaSutra, Mahabharata, Bhagavata and Holy Scriptures Geeta, and compiled the pre-existing physical and spiritual knowledge, concluding that:
“Sarboupanisada gabo doddha gopalanandana:”.
The life of all the Vedas, the essence of the Upanishads is also the Gita, which Gopal Sri Krishna burns, brings the turbulent beings to the state of vision and pursuit of the Supreme and to eternal peace. That great man praised the Geeta in his scriptures with the definition of scripture.
The Geeta is well thought out by the Padmanabha Bhagavan, which is worthy of holding in the heart, so why is it necessary to collect another scripture?

  • The essence of the Geeta is clarified in the following manner.
    গীতার সারাংশ নিম্ন পদ্ধতিতে স্পষ্ট হয়।
    একং শাস্ত্রং দেবকীপুত্র গিতম্
    একো দেবো দেবকীপুত্র এব।
    একো মন্ত্রস্তস্য নামানি নানি।
    কর্মাপ্যেকং তস্য দেবস্য সেবা।।

That is, the only scripture is that of the Gita, Devkiputra sang to Lord Shiva. One worthy of receiving. The spirit that speaks of that truth in that song is the Spirit. Without the soul, nothing is eternal. Om is the name of Akshaya Paramatma. Chant ‘Om’ and meditate on me. Religion is the one and only divine service in Paradise described in the Geeta. Hold him in your heart respectfully.

Geeta Shastra is a spiritual book written in India. Gita Shastra, published in India, is a well-known book of the world’s mind. Therefore, try to give peace to all people in the high and low and conflicted world with respect to this scripture.
Discussion about religion and God is beautifully described in this sacred book.
You should read and Download the Holy Scriptures ‘Geeta’ and comment on our website.

Geeta in Bengali.

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