Rikter Bedan Short Story by Kazi Najrul Islam

Rikter Bedan short story by Rebel Poet Kazi Najrul Islam

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The short story Rikter Bedan by Nationalist Kazi Nazrul Islam

Nationalist Nazrul:

The rebel poet Kazi Nazrul Islam is seen as a rare twentieth century revolutionary poet, musician, philosopher and Bengali poet.
His outstanding skills in Bengali language and as a patriot of the country. He wrote poems, short stories, novels, plays, essays and articles, translations and miscellaneous music.
His poetry books stirred the then British-ruled India between the students and the youth.
His poems are Agnivina, Sanchita, Sammyabadi (Communist), Phanimonsa, Sat Bhai Champa, Natun Chand, Marubhaskar, Anandamyar Agamone, Chakrabak, Phanimonsa and Sanchayan Particularly significant.
His poems and songs are shot in Prayal Shikha, Sarbohara, Shamyabadi, Bisher-Bashi, Dolanchampa, Chityanama, Poobar Hawa, Last Saugat and Sindhu-Hindol Particularly significant.
His short stories, Rikter Bedan, Shiulimala and Byethar Dan earned him special fame at that time.

He has authored numerous articles and articles, notable among them are Jugabani, Jhingeful, Dhumketu, Rudramangal, Durdiner Jatri (traveler of misery) and Nazrul Galpa Samagra.
Notable translations of his writings are Rajbandir Jawanbandi, Kabye Ampara, Nazrul Sahitya, Nazrul Rachanabali and Diwane Hafiz.
He was a musician and composer altogether. His compositions, Bulbul, Gulbagicha, Banageeti, Zulfiqar, Ganer Mala, Nazrul Swarlipi, Nazrul Geeti, Chandrabindu and Chokher Chatak are particularly notable.
Readers read this book Rikter Bedan and collect from this page as pdf.

Rikter Bedan.

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