Padma Purana Swarga Khanda by Panchanan Tarkaratna PDF

Padma Purana Swarga Khanda by Panchanan Tarkaratna PDF.

Book – Padma Purana Swarga Khanda,
Edited by Author – Panchanan Tarkaratna,
Genre – Religious Book, Holy Book,
Format – PDF,
PDF Size – 15 MB,

Padma Purana Swarga Khanda by Panchanan Tarkaratna

Shree Panchanan Tarkaratna edited the Holy book Padma Puran Swarga khanda pdf.

Sri Maharshi Sri Krishna Dvaipayana Vedavyas wrote the holly book Padma Purana Swarga Khanda. The holy scriptures Padma Purana Swarga Khanda has been translated into Bengali with Sanskrit language and edited by the author Panchanan Tarkaratna.

What is Purana (Mythology)?

Puranas are ancient stories in a word. Historians have collected old books and stories from all over the world and have been able to present in their writings the events of primitive times in human society from tomorrow. Ancient texts and materials are key for literary researchers. Many people consider the Purana as such a book as a historical book, because in the Purana, various historical religious and knowledge events have been analyzed very beautifully.
Priests of religions other than Hinduism have gleaned much from this Purana. Yet it is true that mythology and history are completely different. Because Puranas are considered as religious books of Hinduism. It is also called by many as the fifth Veda.

Who wrote Purana?

The Hindu holy book Purana are one of the oldest texts of India. Purana are one of the oldest texts of Hinduism. There are many volumes of Purana and numerous parts of different volumes. Padma Purana is the best among the Eighteenth Mahapurana. Eighteenth Mahapurana was written by Maharishi Vedavyas. He himself spoke of the best of this eighteenth Mahapurana. He said that in Mahatmya Kirtansthal of Eighteenth Mahapurana.

How many parts of Purana (Mythology)? What is the name of the largest and smallest Purana?

The book Purana of this ancient great religious book is divided into two parts, one is Mahapurana and the other is Upapurana. The main content of Puranas is mainly about gods, gods and goddesses, creation, deluge, genealogy of sages, manvantara, varnasrama division, establishment of gods, history of dynasties, religion, philosophy, ecology, geography, history, physics, theory of avatara, donation, tirtha, vrata. , grammar etc. consists of all universe subjects. The largest Purana is the Skanda Purana, which contains 81,000 verses. And the shortest Purana is called ‘Kurma Purana’, which has 5000 slokas.

Regarding the classification of the Mahapurana in the 18th century, Maharishi Vedavyas said that the parts of the Mahapurana are all Sattvic Puranas. That is, all the Puranas like Varaha Purana, Padma Purana, Garuda Purana etc. are Satvik Puranas. Sattvik Purana is all salvation. Again in the place of describing the form of God in Puranrupi, he said, Padma Purana is the heart of that God, if you want to know the heart of God, you have to read Padma Purana.

What are the 6 secondary signs of Purana (Mythology)?

The six secondary signs of Purana are:
‘Bhuvanavistar’, ‘Dana-Dharmavidhi’, ‘Sraddhakalpa’, ‘Varnasrama Bibhag’, ‘Istapurta’ and ‘Devapratishta’.

Maharishi Vedvyas said in his work that recitation of Padma Purana gives the result of recitation of Eighteenth Mahapurana, and recitation of Swarga Khanda results of recitation of entire Padma Purana. So Swarga Khanda is the most cherished treasure of Hindus. In this extreme hardship caused by the religious revolution of the Hindu nation, if you recite this Swarga khanda, you will quench your thirst for heavenly nectar.
Hindus will see the open gate of heaven in this Swarga khanda text. Swadesha philanthropy Arya-Santan Swadesha-Hit Sadhana, Karma karana Paramopakaran will be obtained in this Swarga khanda text.

Indifference to the practice of self-religion, Hindu society has now become so powerless that many are now unable to memorize long anecdotes by careful reading or listening. Also completely unable to sit firmly and carefully understand the difficult subjects of the Puranas. For them this paradise is very promising. Such simple yet meaningfully instructive charming, small anecdotes are not seen in any other mythology.
Many interesting phenomena exist in this paradise. The wise, the learned, the rich, the poor, the workers can all feel the joy of reading this book. And the biggest thing is the conflict between Shakta and Vaishnava will be revealed in reading this book. Everyone will see their own path clearly. Poetry-tool-seekers, poets, theater or yatra team principals and missionaries etc. can all benefit from reading this Swarga Khanda.

When was the myth composed?

In this Swarga khanda, the effortless means of attaining meritorious results for people without the power to perform sacrifices in the age of Kalika is described in detail. The author has edited the book Panchanan Tarkaratna beautifully tailored to the readers. The rules and regulations of Vaishnava Sadhana have been described in detail in this Swarga khanda by the author. Purana is a religious text from the 4th century BC. It was translated by Krishnadas Shastri. The overall language of the book is very plain and simple. So this unique religious book will be warmly received by the readers.

PDF file of Padma Purana Swarga Khanda book for religious gurus and readers is provided in this web page. Readers and religious book lovers can collect the PDF file of the book from this webpage and read it online.

PDF file of Padma Purana Swarga Khanda religious book.

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