Ek Mutho Akash by Dhananjay Bairagi PDF

Ek Mutho Akash Romantic Novel by Dhananjay Bairagi PDF.

Book – Ek Mutho Akash,
Author – Dhananjay Bairagi,
Genre – Romantic Novel,
Format – PDF,
PDF Size – 8 MB,
Pages – 384,

Ek Mutho Akash by Dhananjay Bairagi

Dhananjay Bairagi Wrote the romantic novel Ek Mutho Akash PDF.

Ek Mutho Akash is a romantic novel written by writer Dhananjay Bairagi. The characters and events of this romantic novel are completely fictitious. Writer Dhananjay Bairagi has brought out various aspects of the hero Keshta in this novel. They used to run away from school and go to the movies. Standing on the pavement looking at the picture, the beautiful heroine painted outside the cinema hall, her strange pose.

Trying to cover the four fingers of the unaccustomed hand by pulling hard on the cigarette. Keshta attends school. Mother died very young. His father works in Village selling medicine. He lives in his maternal uncle’s house. He doesn’t like to go to school without learning English numbers. This is how Keshta spends his days and then eventually grows up. He became everyone’s grandfather in the neighborhood. Someone has many events. The election is going on. The neighborhood boys are clamoring for leaders. Ashuda has already given her name to the leaders.

Raghab Boal, a leader from Keshta side, is standing in the polls this time. Of course, this Raghab Boal was given by the people of the neighborhood but his name is Raghu Barujje. At the head of the intersection, there is a large three-story house with two cars and a doorman. Keshta went to meet Raghav Boal at his house.

Who was Keshta?

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Today, Keshta didn’t have to take permission from the porter, instead they took him to the living room after knocking salute. There is no fault in hospitality, Raghab Boal’s three sons are serving tea and cigarettes. Hero boys of the neighborhood are sitting across the Asar. Sudhir, Biren, Bhonda and their group.

Who was Raghab Bowal?

Raghab Bowal discussed and spoke about the election with everyone in the meeting room. Finally, Raghab Boal gave him the responsibility to rig the election for him with his friends and team. In private both Keshta and Raghab Boal talked a lot and took various suggestions.
Raghab Boal said, “Keshta, I trust you the most.” You saved this neighborhood during the riots. Raghab Boal entertained Keshta in a great way.

Keshta hears everything and says, ok, a jeep will be needed. No driver needed, I’ll drive myself. I will do everything to win you the vote this time, don’t you think.

From the next day, Keshta got down to the work of voting and started the campaign from neighborhood to neighborhood. As the polls draw near, Kesthar Dadagiri begins. He is responsible for bringing people to every campaign and poll meeting.

Author Dhananjay Bairagi has thus written a ravishing romantic novel that will captivate the readers immensely. Once Keshta got addicted to love. It is a huge dramatic event, as you will find out as you read the book. In the book, different characters are united with good and bad. Keshta gets involved in various incidents. Once he tried to save a girl’s brother. He was associated with various cases of extortion. He was also engaged in public service.

Where is keshta now? Why does Kesht not like the city of Calcutta?

The novel now seems to the hero Kestha, Calcutta city is a strange city full of bricks and stones. People’s minds have become as hard as bricks and stones. So with sadness, Keshta wrote a letter to his niece, I don’t like this city anymore after coming from your house. I can’t find peace in my mind. The greatest lack of all – there is no life here, no one here without his own will, without interest, no one does anything for anyone.

Every day they have to protect themselves from morning till night. Always fearing who will cheat, who will not give fair dues, those who were born in Kolkata, grew up in Kolkata, will die in Kolkata, the city is not for us.

Keshta once thought that the only way to grow up in this world was to earn money by cheating people. His words did not lack logic. Once Keshta told his niece that most of the rich people these days are dishonest. Doctors are cheating patients, lawyers are cheating clients, masters are cheating students, businessmen are increasing bank deposits by cheating clients.

In this context Niece of Keshta  told him –

“A life that is not blessed with the sweet taste of happiness and peace is worthless”.

In one word this Ek Mutho Akash romantic novel will be warmly received by the reader. Readers and book lovers cannot stop reading this book once they finish it. I couldn’t either. While uploading the book read all parts of the book online. So the PDF file of the book is provided on this web page for the readers. Readers can collect the pdf file of this Ek Mutho Akash romantic novel book from this page and read it online.

Ek Mutho Akash Romantic Novel pdf file.

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