Brikkho kotha by Humayun Ahmed PDF

Brikkho kotha sweet Novel has been written by Humayun Ahmed ebook PDF.

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Brikkho kotha written by Humayun Ahmed as PDF

Author Humayun Ahmed has written the novel Brikkho kotha.

Books Review:

Brikkho kotha is a popular Novel among Bengali community. This book has been written by Humayun Ahmed. It is a most popular novel of Humayun Ahmed about Tree, Nature and Human.

According to the variety and type in Bangladesh, the largest medicinal tree garden is located at Nuhashpalli in Hotapara, Gazipur. There are hundreds of medicinal plants such as ginger, kadamba, marijuana, bell, bask, buckthorn, parijat, ashwagandha and many more. This medicinal garden was developed by Humayun Ahmed, the most popular writer of Bengali literature. Humayun Ahmed’s identity of arborists is not only his own paradise Nuhashpalli, but the readers of his stories and novels also know that there are traces of arborism in his various writings. Arborist Humayun Ahmed has written the book Vrikshakatha with all the various qualities and interesting information of 50 medicinal trees.

He is a proverbial man in the world of Bengali fiction. Its skyrocketing popularity over the past 35 years. At one time he was a professor of chemistry at Dhaka University. He quit teaching and suddenly started making films. He has made films like Aguner Parashamani, Shravan Megher Din, Dui Duari, Chandrakatha, Shyamal Chhaya, Noy Nombor Bipad Sanket (Danger No. 9), Amar Ache Jaal (I have water) etc. In his spare time, he has also written several plays for TV.

Humayun Ahmed, the hero of Bengali literature, has received numerous awards including the highest honor of Bangladesh ‘Ekushey Padak’. There is a strong interest in him outside the country. Several of his novels have been translated into English. One such novel is Gauripur Junction. This novel has been translated into seven languages. Moreover, many of his books have already been translated into English, German, Hindi and Persian.

As a human being, his creation seems to be as mysterious as his characters Himu and Missy Ali. He spends most of his time in his own paradise Nuhashpalli.

Author Humayun Ahmed said in the introduction to the book – “I see many people are excited about bonsai. What is there to be excited about dwarfing a huge banyan tree? They are guilty of the crime of squeezing a huge soul. That power is not in hand”.

The author of this book has beautifully described the various joys and sorrows of the trees. Finally he said now I know something about plants. Reading the books of the world, browsing the Internet, I do not know why? My main interest is to share what I have learned with others. I know why I think we have to go back to them one day.

Many books on tree shrubs have been published in the repository of Bengali literature, but the people of Bengal have been most impressed by reading this book of tree stories written by Humayun Ahmed. The popularity of this book of his is very high among the readers of Bengal.

Humayun Ahmed is most popular Bengali writers of Bangladesh and ex-lecturer of Dhaka University even he is recently dead. He was famous  Author, Dramatist, an Film Maker. He was born in Mymensingh at 13th November 1948 and Dead in 19 July 2012 in New York. Her wife is famous actor, Shaon Ahmed. He is a creator of some very popular character’s Himu, Misir Ali and Shuvro.

His most popular books are Ai Megh Rodro Chaya, Krishno Pokkho, Tithir Neel Toyale, Megh Boleche Jabo Jabo, Aj Robibar, Badshah Namdar, Holud Himu Kalo Rab, Asmanira Tin Bon, Kothao Keu Nei, Akash Jora Megh, Hiji biji, Payer Tolay khorom, Achinpur, Bohubrihi, Deyal, Aronno, Opekkha, Ebong Humu, Srabon Meger Din, Shonkhonil Karagar, Basanta Bilap, Parapar, Rodon Bhora e Boshonto, Samrat, Rumali,Ponchokonna, Bipod,  Pipli Begum, Muktijudder Upanyas Samagra, Kohen Kobi Kalidas etc. Readers now get Humayun Ahmed Bangla Books, Novels, Stories, Natok, Travel Stories, Historical Books in pdf and Read Brikkho kotha by Humayun Ahmed.

So the PDF file of the book Briksha katha written by the author Humayun Ahmed is given on this page. Readers can collect the PDF file of the book from this page and read it online.


Brikkho kotha novel by Humayun Ahmed PDF.

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