Jules Verne Rachanabali Vol. II by Jules Verne PDF

Jules Verne Rachanabali Volume II Edited by Jules Verne PDF.

Book Name – Jules Verne Rachanabali Volume II,
Category – Science Fiction,
Author – Jules Verne,
Book Format – PDF,
Book Pages – 324,
Book Size – 10 MB,

Jules Verne Rachanabali Vol 2 by Jules Verne

Author Jules Verne wrote the second volume of Jules Verne Essays.

Jules Verne was an outstanding writer. For 40 consecutive years he has written various stories, novels, science fiction. He has written a total of 80 novels. He was a powerful science fiction writer. The greatest science fiction story of the era, Arthur C. Clark came to Calcutta in 1972. He was asked, everyone who writes science fiction is your fan, but who doesn’t? What do they like about you? He then said that if the imagination is not very strong, the writing will be beaten. Imagination will seem like a weird, unrealistic, childish fairy tale. Arthur C. Clarke wrote about the future, but never thought it was cannabis. Rather one by one all seemed true.

The author Jules Verne was just such a writer, whose stories all seemed true. He imagined before the invention of radio. He named the television Phono-Telephoto. The Wright brothers saw the helicopter in their minds 50 years before it took to the skies. He invented and gave perfect descriptions of various mechanical wonders like submarines, airplanes, neon lights, escalators, air conditioning, multi-storey buildings, missiles, artificial satellites, tanks etc. It seems that all is true, all is true, nothing is false. Science Fiction shows the way. Author Jules Verne also showed the way to the people of the future. Marconi, Augusta Picard, Simon Lake, Admiral Byrd, all of them have benefited from reading Verne’s story.

Writer Verne himself used to say, why can’t one think what the other can do? This revelation of Great Verne has been proved by the people of later times. But when he showed the light of the world. It goes without saying that machine civilization is crawling then. Napoleon is barely dead. The total age of the train is five years. Steam ships are entering the Atlantic, but the sails of the sail-mast could not be fully paid.
At the age of 34, Jules Verne, the author of Wonder Story, became famous all over the world. He was contracted to write two novels a year, so he wrote for 40 years in a row.
In his last life he was honored with the Legion of Honor. One of Jules Verne’s novels has received a mixed response from readers around the world.

The novel Around the World in Eighty Days was published in a Paris newspaper and caused a stir among storytellers around the world, including Spain. Phillies must defeat Fogg. So a girl journalist named Nellie Bly from a New York newspaper was sent to travel around the world. The journalist traveled around the world for a total of 72 days. Later, as the Trans-Siberian Railway was built, as Van’s prediction, a French gentleman came out and circled the world in just 43 days.
Author Jules Verne created electricity from seawater with Nautilus in his novel Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. But now two British scientists have made this impossible possible.

There was disagreement over whether the translation of the Twenty Thousand Leagues should be 60,000 miles. The British, the Americans must say one league means three miles, but the French will not. The Western International Dictionary also says that the scale of a league varies from one to the same, even one league equals four to six miles. The author Jules Verne was a French writer. Professor Aronnax, whom the author of the story had arranged, was French. Both must have meant the French League, which was much smaller than three miles, meaning twenty thousand leagues, not 60,000 miles.

Two great stories have been published in this volume. The identity of Mysterious Ireland is unnecessary. Clipper of the Clouds falls into the category of his first-class novels. This book is a must read for more information about author Jules Verne. His famous ‘science fiction’ caused a stir all over the world.

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Jules Verne Rachanabali 2nd Volume PDF file.

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