Bangla Sahityer Sankhipta Itibritta by Asit Kr Bandyopadhyay PDF

Asit Kumar Bandyopadhyay has written a Brief History of Bengali Literature.

Name of Book – Bangla Sahityer Sankhipta Itibritta,
A Brief History of Bengali literature,
Author – Asit Kumar Bandyopadhyay,
Book Format- PDF,

The book Bangla Sahityer Sankhipta Itibritta (A Brief History of Bengali Literature) written according to the specific pre-university syllabus of Calcutta University was published. This book gives a brief introduction to the Bengali literature of the Middle Ages and modern times. Writer Asit Kumar Bandyopadhyay and his wife helped him a lot to write for the benefit of the students. He wrote this book with an emphasis on the main features of Bengali literature. In this book, he has not listed any more books, but has focused on the main topics and discussed them nicely. The author discusses Bengali literature in detail in his famous book Bangla Sahityer Sankhipta Itibritta (History of Bengali Literature) – Volume I and  Unabingsha Shatabdir Prathamardha O  Bangla Sahitya (Bengali Literature in the First Half of the Nineteenth Century).

About Bangla Language Bangladesh:
Bangladesh is bordered by the Himalayas to the north and adjacent Nepal, Sikkim and Bhutan. Brahmaputra rivers and valleys to the northeast. To the north-west is “Dwarbanga”, to the east are Garo-Khasia, Jayantia, Tripura, Shailsanu of Chittagong. To the west are Rajmahal, Santal Pargana, Chhotanagpur, Plateau and to the south is the Bay of Bengal.
The Bengali language is present across this border of Bangladesh. Although Bangladesh is currently divided due to political reasons, it has not been possible to build a wall over the language and culture. Therefore, the history of Bengali literature and the history of the mind, soul and culture of the Bengali nation is still intact and continuous.
In ancient times, the Aryans did not pay much respect to East India. It is said that non-Aryans lived in this country. The Aryans did not like their rituals and religious deeds. But over time Aryan Brahmin Kshatriyas and Vaishyas started coming to this Bangladesh and later on while living in this country their hatred towards them decreased a lot. Bangladesh The rights of the Maurya Empire expanded and the Gupta Empire fell. Although Aryan culture flourished with the fall of the Gupta Empire, it collapsed in the fifth century AD. Later, in 1203 AD, a Turkish horse dealer named Iftekhar Uddin bin Baktiyar entered the capital of Bengal, Nabadwip, in disguise and attacked Rajpuri. Lakshman Sen was puzzled by the weight of his age and fled to Bikrampur with his relatives.
In the early 1300s, part of West Bengal belonged to the Muslim nation. Gradually almost all of Bengal became their right. The Pathans, Sultans and Mughal emperors ruled Bangladesh for about five hundred and fifty years. After the defeat of Siraj-ud-daula in the Palashi desert on June 23, 1757, the Muslim power in Bangladesh came to an end and the merchant English became the ruler of the country. The whole of India was occupied by the British and later in 1947, after the invasion of the Indians, they fled the country, but this divided India on the basis of ethnicity. The period of English rule in India was about two hundred years.
The author has beautifully described the Bangladesh of Bangladesh and also has a clear idea and discussion about the Bengali language in this book.

This book will definitely help the students to know about Bangladesh and Bangla language in a beautiful way and he has discussed it fluently for the convenience of reading.

A link to the PDF file of the book A Brief History of Bengali Literature is provided for the readers to read. Readers can easily read and collect the book from our page as you wish.

Bangla Sahityer Sankhipta Itibritta

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