Aloukik Omnibus Detective Fiction PDF

Aloukik Omnibus Detective Science Fiction Bengali ebook PDF.

Name of Book- Aloukik Omnibus,
Author – Indian Writer,
Category – Detective Science Fiction,

Aloukik Omnibus Detective Science Fiction Bengali ebook PDF

Aloukik Omnibus Detective fiction Bengali ebook PDF.

Adrish Vardhan has written a book of Bengali stories titled Alaukik Omnibas. In the world of Bengali literature, Adrish Vardhan, as a writer of science fiction and detective stories, gained the most popularity in the readership. His famous fictional character Professor Nat Boltu Chakrish became very popular among Bengali readers in Bangladesh and around the world in India and set a unique precedent at that time.

Adrish created a stir in the world of Bengali literature by composing detective stories. By writing this detective story, he became very close and popular with children, teenagers, old people and all readers.

The Contains of the Bengali Ghost Story Book are as below
Shesh Pret-Chakra,
Dragon Preyosi,
Jorapole O Haldar Dighi,
Samanta Gor,
Kondhokatar Kella,
Bemmodotyir Kahini

Some of the memorable works that have caused a stir in Bengali literature are Adim Atangka (Primitive Panic), 5ti Rahasya Upanyas (5 Mystery Novels), Bhoutik Omnibus (Ghostly Omnibas), Pret Prayasi (Phantom Beloved), Goyenda Indranath Rudra Samagra (Detective Indranath Rudra Samagra) etc.

So this detective fiction written by Adrish must be liked by the readers and that is why we have given the link of the PDF file of that book on this page.

Readers can collect and read the book Aloukik Omnibus from this page if they feel the need and need.

Aloukik Omnibus PDF file.

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