Dashti Upanyas by Samiran Guha PDF

Dashti Upanyas by Samiran Guha PDF

Book Name- Dashti Upanyas (Ten Novels)
Author name- Samiran Guha

Author Samiran Guha has compiled the book of (Dashti Upanyas) ten novels. Author Samiran Gaha has published these ten novels in a very relentless effort.

These ten novels are the first-stage compilation of author Samiran Guha. And his first-stage collections are in great demand among readers, but for a long time due to various difficulties and some difficulties with the publishers, the publishing house has gone up again, and due to lack of initiative, the books have not been reprinted, but the reader is his old novel. He is constantly searching for the bullets.
Samiran Guha has compiled this beautiful novel by looking at the needs of all and the lack of readers. He has shed light on various aspects of real human life. Reading this book will definitely cut the scars in the minds of the readers.

The another notable works of Author Samiran Guha’s are Tukuner Nakchhabi, Nijer Chhabi, Ratribas, Gatraharidra, Hridoyer Sanglap’, Ashwakhurer Shabda, Rup Noy Age Mon, Hridoye Shilabrishti, Prithibir Ujjwal Tumi etc.

Author Samiran Guha is a famous writer of Bengali literature. He was born in 1912 in Ranchi, Bihar now in Jharkhand. He then enrolled in a reputed college in Calcutta, West Bengal for higher studies, but due to family financial difficulties, he could no longer attend college. Later he had to run in search of a job. Finally reach Ernakulam in Madras. The current name of Madras is Chennai. After staying there for 8 months, he returned to Calcutta. From that experience he wrote the famous novel ‘Mirror in the Mirror’ at the time. Readers wish to collect and read the great novel Dashti Upanyas from this page.

These ten novels are a combination of novels –
Hridoye Shilabrishti (Hail to the heart),
Prithibir Ujjwal Tumi (You are the brightest of the earth),
Nishabder Nikote (To the Silent),
Tukuner Nakshabi,
Rup Noy Age Mon (Mind before form),
Nijer Chhabi (Own picture),
Damayanti Uthaiya,
Ashwakhurer Shabda (The sound of horseshoes),
Aynar Moddhye Ayna (Mirror in the mirror),
Shraboner Majhamajhi (In the middle of Shrabaner Majhamajhi) etc.


Dashti Upanyas (Ten Novel) by Samiran Guha PDF.

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