Nazrul Galpa Samagra by Kazi Nazrul Islam ebook PDF

Nazrul Galpa Samagra by Kazi Nazrul Islam ebook PDF.

Book name – Nazrul Galpa Samagra,
Author – Kazi Nazrul Islam,
Book pages – 264,
Book Size – 9 MB.

Nazrul Islam Galpa Samagra

Eighteen short stories putting in one book named Nazrul Galpa Samagra PDF

Kazi Nazrul Islam was a famous rebellious poet, Author, Novelist, Storyteller, Journalist, Artist, Songwriter, acting artist and musician in India and with Bangladesh. His petrifies are Agni Bina, Bisher Bashi, Samyabadi, Sarbahara, Pralay Shikha, etc. one by one was published. He also used to composed lot of extravagant songs.

The poet Kazi Nazrul Islam wrote eighteen short stories in three story books ( Byathar Dan – 1922, Rikter Bedan – 1925, Shiuly Mala – 1932) in his twenty years of literary life. The tune of the stories ware similar though it was written in separate story book. The story book of all stories is a story of untold pain. Every story should be colorful in painful color. So, for the purpose of putting together eighteen stories of one-tone, this book was published in the name of Nazrul Galpa Samagra. The eighteen short stories are Byathar Dan, Hena, Badal- Barishone, Ghumer Ghore, Parir Katha, Otripta Kamana, Rajbandir chithi, Rikter Bedan, Baundaler Atmakahini, Meher Negar, Sajer Tara, Rakkhusi, salek, Swamihara, Duranta Pathik, Padma-Gokhra, Jiner Badsha, Ogni Giri, Shiuly Mala etc. putting together.

The National poet Kazi Nazrul Islam was born in a simple Muslim family at Churulia village of Bardhaman district of West Bengal, India on 24th May, 1899. At the age of eight, he became orphaned. He joined the team Leto for the need livelihood at this time. Then he passed lower secondary examination and worked as a teacher in a village Muktab for some time. Then he came to work in Asansol, where he met the police officer and he came with at Naroga of Mymensingha and admitted into Darirampur high school. After nearly a year of education, he went back to Churulia again and got admitted in the Shiresol Raj School of Raniganj. At that time, the war of the first world war was heard. He was preparing to take entrance test exam. At he end of test selection process, he joined the war.

After that he was joined in the Army in 1917 and only three years he was working there. After that Nazrul came to Kolkata and devoted himself completely to literary work. His first Bengali story book Baundaler Atmakahini was published in the Saogat Magazine of Kolkata and the first poem, Mukti was published on Bangio Muslim Sahitya Patrika, which published from Kolkata. In this way he was entered into Bangla Literary literature.

He became famous as a rebellious poet In recognition of his famous poetry Rebel in 1922. He was punished by the British government for his half-weekly magazine Dhumketu when was published and threw him to Jail. After when he was came back from jail, again he concentrated on writing literature.
His petrifies are Agni bina, Bisher Bashi, Samyobadi, Sarbohara, Praloy shikha, etc. one by one was published. He also used to composed lot of extravagant songs. He was exposed by the assemblage. His literary career was only twenty years old. His song Chal chal, chal, Urdha Gagane Baje Madal is a song of Bangladesh. Kazi Nazrul Islam was only 41-43 years old when he suffered a disorderly disease.

After Bangladesh became independent on 24th May, 1972, the sick poet was brought to Bangladesh by the personal initiative of the Father of Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahaman. The Ekushey Padak was given on 21st February, 1976 and 9th D-Lit Degree was given in 1974. After being twenty-four years sick, he died on 29th August,1976 and he was buried beside the central mosque of Dhaka University in full honors.

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Nazrul Galpa Samagra PDF

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