Mahamanab Mahatma Gandhi Novel by Sushil Bandyopadhyay

Mahamanab Mahatma Gandhi Novel by Sushil Bandyopadhyay ebook PDF.

Book Name – Mahamanab Mahatma Gandhi,
Author – Sushil Bandyopadhyay,
Book Format – Digital PDF,
Book Pages – 426,
PDF Size – 11 MB,

Mahamanab Mahatma Gandhi by Sushil Bandyopadhyay PDF.

The Bengali novel Mahamanab Mahatma Gandhi has written by author Sushil Bandyopadhyay. The child was born in Porbandar on October 2, 1869. Through many pursuits, sacrifices, struggles and trials, that manbankura gradually gained greatness and became known as the great Mahatma of the world. The main purpose of this book is to tell the story of the soul of that great man Mahatma Gandhi. Author Sushil Bandyopadhyay has beautifully analyzed all the events from the beginning of the life of that great man to the story of his demise.

The life of Mahatma Gandhi is as vast as the Himalayas. His personality was asymmetrical like the sea. If one stands at the foot of the Himalayas and observes his meditative form, if one stands on the shore of the sea and notices its infinite expanse, he will be as astonished as if he had practiced the life story of Mahatma Gandhi.

Protecting the dignity of Satya Shiva and Sundar was his lifelong pursuit. Discovering truth from untruth, good from evil, beautiful from ugly and that establishment was Gandhiji’s lifelong pursuit. In this pursuit, we have seen in him the repetition of the lives of the great men of world history, mythology and epics. Like Sri Krishna, he wanted to establish a unified Mahabharata of violence. He devoted his life to charity like Dadhichi. He has made a relentless pursuit to make the nectar of human civilization blossom by drinking all the gourds of the world like a blue throat.

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Like Nachiketa in the Upanishads, he has repeatedly campaigned for death in search of truth and nectar. How many villages in India has he traveled to spread the message of love, forgiveness and humility like Jesus. By forgiving the offender, he has tried to awaken his good sense and humanity. He preached the message of non-violence, the message of friendship with unwavering devotion like Buddha. It is a difficult task to get a clear and intimate acquaintance with the biography of such a great man and his doctrine. Nevertheless, the author went through this difficult process and tried his best to write this book.

The advent of Mahatma Gandhi in the history of India is a landmark revolutionary event. His influence has spread in many ways in the history of Indian nationalism. The rise of self-respect in the country, the establishment of the dignity of Indians is the inevitable result of all these lifelong pursuits of Mahatma Gandhi. He has lifted the sea of ​​liberation from injustice, untruth and religion in this stagnant state of our India. Mahatma Gandhi must know the power of India today, in action and in thought, in patriotism in politics. Mahatma Gandhi’s lifelong pursuit is deeply rooted in the history of the Renaissance in present-day India. So it is necessary to know the longings and anxieties of that great man, political ideology, self-confidence, personal affection, desire-imagination. As soon as we know him, we will also know the history of our sense of nationalism in India.

In the midst of various crises and doubts during the life of the great man Mahatma Gandhi, the people of India had unwavering faith in him. He did not give up the hope of receiving instructions in times of crisis. He has fought the Indians with his life in every case and has been vocal against injustice. He has always guided the people in a good way in times of crisis. Today, in his absence, we will not be discouraged or discouraged. In the light that he has received, we will see our way in the crisis moment of the future and determine our duties.

He has preached many things in his life. His words became embodied in his life. So by practicing his life we ​​will build the India of the future age in his ideal. It is our belief that the infinite power that was hidden in his ideals of truth and non-violence will lead the way to future India. The author has taken the help of various books in composing this book.

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PDF file of the book Mahamanab Mahatma Gandhi.

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