Bibahita Stree Novel by Pratibha Basu ebook PDF

Bibahita Stree Novel by Pratibha Basu ebook PDF

Author: Pratibha Basu
Novel: Bibahita Stree, 
Book Format:PDF,
Book Pages: 224.

Writer Pratibha Basu has written the novel Bibahita Stree (Married Wife)’.

Writer Pratibha Basu has unveiled the true story of a real life event in this novel and has beautifully described various experiences.

In this book, the author Pratibha Basu has come to the forefront of the people.
In this novel, the author has thoroughly analyzed the various images of the occurrence of a family. Rajenbabu has a beautiful family with three sons and a daughter. She is a retired person who has just married her eldest son and is running the family nicely. The only daughter is married. One of the two sons is in secondary school and the other is in high school. The eldest son has just passed his M.Sc. and joined the job.

Bauma is Pramila. Although she is not old, she is a good and intelligent girl. Everything was going well. Meanwhile, one day Rajen babu suddenly fell ill and left the body. After his death, this beautiful family was on fire. And the root of everything is money. Money made useless the family. This married wife is skillfully portrayed by the author in the novel.

After the death of her father-in-law, her mother-in-law Pramila started to become a skilled worker. Pramila being a very intelligent and rich girl, she never wanted to be in this world like a fool. He wanted to be in charge of everything in the world, he would run the family and everyone would listen to him.

But the thoughts of this world are inconsistent with his thoughts and that is the danger. The main danger is that after the death of her father-in-law, she leaves behind a huge amount of property and money, which makes Pramila very greedy and the inability to curb this greed leads to a dictatorial attitude. Besides, everything was in the hands of her mother-in-law. She had to reach out to her mother-in-law every month to run the family. Her husband, who works in the government sector, came to pay her a month’s salary and handed it over to her. Inside she was horribly harassed and sorry. Because everything her husband earned should be her right but she didn’t have that right, she felt very shocked, humiliated.

There was a lot of noise in the family about this, so there was a bad idea among the neighbors about their family. Ujjal is so obsessed with his wife’s achievements that he has to go to the office without eating for most of the day. And after coming from the office, there is unrest in that world again. Pramila’s temperament was so violent and rude that there were occasional quarrels in the family.

Her monopoly empire was in the house of a wealthy father. Violence, envy, greed, anger – he came to this world with almost every ripu of character. At the infinite indulgence of the father, they were allowed to grow more and more like ghee in the fire. At work, his jealous nature, quarrelsome instincts, and blind selfishness plagued everyone around him. Not only those who were unfortunately her closest relatives but also Pramila’s mother Sudhamoyi was very unhappy.
Pramila’s father Yajneshwar was a contractor. He earned with both hands, but accumulated ten hands, there is no way to get a penny around him, he was a tough stingy man. At the same time, he also collected a lot of money as a Kusidjibi. And all these qualities his only daughter got from her father and she wanted to bring them to this world.

There is no doubt that this novel is written about such exciting events and without a doubt this novel about social life will give a different joy and encouragement to the readers. So we have given the PDF file of this book on this page. You can collect and read the PDF file of this book as you wish.

If we want to know more about this beautiful incidental Bibahita Stree novel, we must read this book.

PDF file of the Bibahita Stree Novel.

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