Samudra Periye Novel by Pratibha Basu PDF

Samudra Periye Novel by Pratibha Basu

Author Pratibha Basu has written the novel Samudra Periye Across the Sea.

Pratibha Basu was an exceptionally talented writer. In the light of Bengali literature he was well known as a unique writer. Many of his novels have been filmed and are still shining as a unique example in the world of Bengali literature.

The novel was first published in Bengal Calendar in 1357 from Calcutta. This novel is not just a simple novel, it is based on a real life experience from the beginning to the end of this novel and she has beautifully portrayed the social picture of India at that time, especially the social position and consequences of women in her Samudra Periye (Crossing the Sea) novel.

We see his extraordinary achievements in Bengali literature in his various works. In this book, the position of women in India at that time, that is, they had to stay behind the curtain at home most of the time. They could never stand in front of the society and the fact that they came to this world only to serve men was the real image of women in India at that time. They will just sit at home cooking and serving the husband.

Men are the head of society. The men would do all the work outside the house and take care of her when she returned home, this was the job of regular women. They had no right to move freely outside the home, Bibahita Stree (married women) had to take prior permission from their husbands or father-in-law to go to their parents house. and could not go to their parents’ house without their permission.

Writer Pratibha Basu beautifully describes the patriarchal medieval barbaric cruelty imposed on girls in the novel Samudra Periye and with this description she beautifully describes the various aspects of women’s lives at that time.

He never accepted the social system of the time and declared rebellion in every case. Just because she was a girl, she was not allowed to study outside her home, so her studies were cut short at an early age. But the girl was stubborn. Father, mother, grandmother all declared strong rebellion against him that she must study. There were three brothers and three sisters in the family. He was the youngest. But there is nothing against the brothers studying but the girls will study at home. She can’t go out and study, she hasn’t been able to accept it since she was a child. Even stops eating and drinking. Eventually, her father forced her to go to school. Unbearable insults, sarcasm, she easily digested everything and started going to school and passed class four with a scholarship. Then there was the disaster again because there was no high school in that area at that time. A remote area of ​​Assam. Besides, no high school was built there at that time, so she had to come to Calcutta to study. There was a heated argument at home about it. No one will let her go to school and send her to Calcutta.

But she is very stubborn. She had to study in high class and at the end he stopped eating and drinking. Forced to do so, her father brought her back to Calcutta to be admitted to the upper class and with honors she passed the secondary as one of the 10 students. She also got a scholarship but after that she had to leave her studies and leave Calcutta.

This time they started looking for a groom to marry her. This time she has to get married. What will happen if girls study more. Enough to do the housework. So this time she had to give her consent to her marriage.

But what a cruel irony of society. That girl was forced to give priority to their opinion. she was forced to get married. She was married to a well-to-do, wealthy man, but it was there that her cruel irony appeared. Every day various kinds of insults and beatings. In the end, the beating also ruined the unborn child. This novel is written with many such events.

This beautiful novel will be appreciated by the readers, because at that time the readers of this novel fell into a frenzy and there was a huge response in the public mind.

So this page of the Bengali novel Samudra Periye is given as a PDF file for the purpose of reading to the readers. Readers can easily collect this novel for reading from this page. Below is a link to the PDF file of the novel across the sea.


PDF file of the novel Samudra Periye.

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