The life of Mahatma Gandhi by Louis Fischer ebook PDF

The life of Mahatma Gandhi by Louis Fischer PDF.

Book – The life of Mahatma Gandhi,
Language – English,
Author – Louis Fischer,
Category – Biographical book,
Book Format – PDF,
PDF size – 40 MB,
Book Pages – 600,

The life of Mahatma Gandhi by Louis Fischer

Louis Fischer wrote the biographical book the life of Mahatma Gandhi PDF.

M. K. Gandhi once said that people described him as a saint trying to be a politician. The truth, he claimed, was the other way round. Louis Fischer, in this intimate biography, shows that Gandhi was both. He was also a warm-hearted and high-spirited man — yet always an enigma.

How did it happen that Gandhi rose from obscurity into a world-famous figure, the most powerful leader of the most populous country? What spiritual force converted the English-trained lawyer into the saint who freed India and was looked to by the whole world for spiritual guidance? What kind of man was it who could aid the British in three wars, and defy them as the living symbol of non-violence and peace? How could an agitator command such respect from his opponents?

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Louis Fischer, drawing upon his know ledge of and acquaintance with Gandhi, and using much unpublished and revealing material, has produced a vivid portrait of the man, the statesman and the saint.

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The life of Mahatma Gandhi PDF.

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