Ratnahar Rahasya by Nikhil Sen PDF

Ratnahar Rahasya by Nikhil Sen Bengali PDF.

Book – Ratnahar Rahasya,
Author – Nikhil Sen,
Genre – Detective Novel,
Book Format – PDF,
Book Pages – 102,
PDF Size – 7 MB,

Ratnahar Rahasya novel by Nikhil Sen

Nikhil Sen wrote the Detective Novel Ratnahar Rahasya.

Ratnahar Rahasya: Ratnahar Rahasya detective novel is the notable works of Nikhil Sen. He was well known to the readers of Bengali literature for his exemplary works. His stories, novels, romance, etc. are well known to the readers of Bengali literature. He has tried to show the variants of detectivity in this novel book.

Who is the famous detective novel writer in Bengali literature?

The author Nikhil Sen has had beautiful discussion with ‘Ratnahar Rahasya’ detective novel from different angel. So, there is no doubt that this detective novel acceptable to any age of reader. We know he is one of the shining authors of Bengali literature.

Unique Novel: So, the PDF file of the book is given on this web page thinking that this book will be considered as a unique detective novel book by the readers.

Readers will be able to collect the detective novel Ratnahar Rahasya PDF file from this page and read it online.

Ratnahar Rahasya detective novel PDF file

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