Itihaser Raktakta Prantare by Hemendra Kumar Roy

Itihaser Raktakta Prantare by Hemendra Kumar Roy PDF.

Book Name – Itihaser Raktakta Prantare,
Author – Hemendra Kumar Ray,
Genre – Historical Novel,
Book Pages – 106,
Book Format – PDF,
PDF Size – 6 MB,

Itihaser Raktakta Prantare novel by Hemendra Kumar Roy

Hemendra Kumar Ray wrote the historical novel Itihaser Raktakta Prantare

Hemendra Kumar Ray is a lion of Bengali literature. He wrote many Bengali stories, novel and dramas. His famous works in Bengali Ghost stories and Bengali detective fiction. Hemendra Kumar Roy, the pioneer author of detective stories in Bengali literature. At that time his writings were sincerely appreciated by the Bengali readers.

Author Hemendra Kumar Roy has written wonderful Ghost stories and detective novels for young and children. The memorable history of African women soldiers have been included in this historical book. The author has written a great story about the African women soldiers will attract the little ones.

His notable stories in the Ghost book are Badarer Pa, Abhishapta Muhurte, Bandi Atmar Kahini, Bhoot Aar Bhoot, Ajab Satya Kahini, Bhoot Petnir Katha, Bhooter Bhoy, Bhoot Jakhan Bondhu Hoi, Gangar Bibhishika, Bhoutik Na Velki, Bhoutik Chakranta, Pishach, Tin Number Ghar, Bhooter Raja, Kshudita Pashan, Ainar Itihas, Bijoyar Pranam, Kankal Sarathi, Jibanta Mritadeha, Swapna Holeu Swatyi, Ajab Rahasya, Nawab Kuthir Nartaki etc.

We believe that the historical novel book Itihaser Raktakta Prantare will appeal to readers. So that the PDF file of the historical novel book Itihaser Raktakta Prantare is given on this webpage. Readers and teenagers will be able to collect the PDF file of the historical Novel book from this page and read it online.

Itihaser Raktakta Prantare by Hemendra Kumar Roy PDF

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