Roop Lahari by Panchkari Bandyopadhyay

Roop Lahari by Panchkari Bandyopadhyay ebook PDF.

Book – Roop Lahari, (Rup Lahari),
Author – Panchkari Bandyopadhyay,
Genre – Bengali Novel Books,
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Roop Lahari by Panchkari Bandyopadhyay

Author Panchkari Bandyopadhyay wrote the Romantic Novel Rup Lahari.

The Romantic Novel Roop Lahari is written by the writer Panchanan Bandopadhyay. After a long wait, the author published this Rup Lahari novel book. It is an invaluable asset in Bengali literature and his books are still appreciated by the reading community. Gurudas Chattopadhyay contributed exclusively to the writing of the book. Prior to the publication of this book, the stories of the book Roop Lahari were serialized in a monthly magazine called Janmabhoomi.

Who wrote the Roop Lahari Novel?

In this Romantic Novel book, the author has highlighted various aspects of body shaping. The author has tried to show how many types of distortions are possible in the form of Hindu society according to the era. At the root of all stories lies a little truth somewhere. Two of the heroes and heroines of the story are still alive. What happens and what can happen, the author has beautifully depicted in this book. Tried to show the wounds of the society. Its results can be known only through the reading of the readers.

The author says that the thunderbolt of religion in the face of their emotions has been broken by the influence of English education. As a result, the form of disorder in the society is largely revealed today. He has tried to highlight it in the book “Roop Lahri”. The young men and women who are fascinated by form have become completely fanatical and ignorant.

Author Profile:

Writer Panchkari Bandyopadhyay was born in Bhagalpur on 20th December 1866 (Bengali 1788 Sakha Paush, Thursday). Their original residence was Halishahar in West Bengal, but his father Benimadhab Bandyopadhyay worked in the collectorate office in Bhagalpur, Bihar. According to that source, they have to live in Bhagalpur. His education began in Bhagalpur. He passed the first division in the entrance examination from Bhagalpur District School in 1882. He passed ‘FA’ from Patna College in 1885 and BA with Sanskrit Honors from the same college in 1827. After passing his BA, he traveled to Calcutta from 1887 to 1891 for literary and other purposes.

Who was Panchkari Bandyopadhyay?

At that time he began to practice literature and started writing for many monthly and weekly magazines. In 1892, he accepted the post of teacher in ‘TN Jubilee Collegiate’ School at Bhagalpur. At this time, the famous Bengali novelist Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay studied in that school. Sarat Chandra was his student. After teaching for a few years, he took the vow of journalism.

What are the notable books written by Panchkari Bandyopadhyay?

He first edited the Bengali newspaper, then he was appointed as the editor of the Basumati newspaper on 7 February 1899. Apart from Hitabadi, Weekly Prabahini, he has worked in many newspapers and magazines. With this, he devoted himself to literary practice. His notable works are Ain-E-Akbari and Biography of Akbar, Rup Lahari or Roop Lahari, Sri Chaitanyacharitamrita, Uma, Sipahi Juddher Itihas (History of Sepoy War), Bingsha Shatabdir Mahapraloy (Great Deluge of Twentieth Century), Sadher Bou, Daria Novel etc. Most of his books were first serialized in Basumati Newspaper.

The author thinks that if the social-physicians or social defenders diagnose the diseases of the society and provide treatment, the civil society will be freed from this disease. Only then will the value of his writing and the value of his efforts be properly assessed.

The stories that the author presents in this romantic novel book are Kalindi, Manorama, Phulkumari, Anupama, Dopati, Malati and Habi. Each story is beautifully written about the shape of the society which will attract the readers.

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Roop Lahari Romantic Novel Book PDF

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