Tantra O Sadhan Paddhati by Nigamananda Paramahansa

Tantra O Sadhan Paddhati by Nigamananda Paramahansa Tantra Book PDF

Book – Tantra O Sadhan Paddhati,
Author – Srimat Swami Nigamananda Paramahansa,
Book Format – PDF,
Book Pages – 330,
PDF Size – 8 MB,

Tantra O Sadhan Paddhati wrote Nigamananda Paramahansa

Nigamananda Paramahansa wrote the Tantra book Tantra O Sadhan Paddhati PDF.

The book Tantrik Group or Tantra O Sadhan Paddhati is written by Srimat Swami Nigmananda Paramahansa. Tantra Sadhana is being researched all over the world. There are many disagreements and controversies about its origin. By the grace of that Brahma-Vishnu-Sivaradhya Mahamaya, they are Kripalabdha Tantric-Guru, from whom this world is created, by which it rests and by which Kalpanante is concluded. It has been discussed in this book by arranging it like any other.

Who developed the concept of Tantra?

Great influence of Tantra Shastra of Bengal. Sakas, Shaivas, Vaishnavas etc. worshipers of Saka take initiation according to Tantra-Sastras. Most of the Japa, Puja etc. are conducted according to Tantra. All actions are to be performed according to the Vedas or ‘Vedokta’ in Satya Yuga, Mrityukta in Treta Yuga, ‘Puranokta’ in Dwapara Yuga and ‘Tantrokta’ in Kali Yuga. Therefore, in Kali-yuga other paths other than ‘tantramarga’ are not that wide. Tantra Shastra probably spread its influence in this country by adopting all these scriptures.

Who wrote tantra book Tantra O Sadhan Paddhati ?

But unfortunately, even though Tantra Shastra has gained prominence in our country, today the Guru of Tantra Shastra is not seen as such. Because no one has the ability to understand or explain tantra by force of scholarship and intellect. No one has the power to understand the true meaning and meaning of the Tantra-Sastras unless they receive advice from a real guru.

Therefore, no one is able to get results even if he takes initiation and conducts activities in the manner shown by the scriptures. Because in the absence of a tantra guru, activities cannot be completed as usual. For all these reasons, many people do not believe the scriptures.

Who developed the concept of Tantra?

In view of the plight of the country, some educated persons known to the author requested the author to publish a book written by the author on ‘Jnaniguru’ and ‘Yogiguru’ like Tantra Shastra. The author has taken great care to preserve his word and has published this book with correct information.

Many books on Tantra and Shastra can be seen in this country. The author has not followed any of those Tantra-sastras. He has written in this book mentioning various arguments for the purpose of revealing to the common people what he has learned from listening to Gurumukh about all the activities that are necessary as a means of spiritual progress of man. The Tantra-Sastras are the miraculous creations of the Arya sages. Tantras are to be astonished and bewildered when recited with a buried mind.

How many types of Tantra are there?

The author has divided this book ‘Tantra O Sadhan Paddhati’ into three parts. In the first part ‘Tantra and Tantrokta’ the logic of sadhanas, in the second part ‘Sadhana-pranali’. The happiness of the common man is described in the scriptures. Each topic is well-argued and well-argued, presented with great skill.

And in the last part, if the ‘spiritual theory’ is to be grasped, a proper purification of the image is necessary. There is no other way to understand Sadhana-tattva except by the grace of God. If ordinary thirsty people engage in their own work without discussing the issues of color correction, language-defect etc., then this book can be considered successful.

The PDF file of the bengali ebook ‘Tantra O Sadhan Paddhati’ is provided on this web page for the readers. Readers can download the PDF file of the book from this web page and read it online.

Tantra O Sadhan Paddhati Bengali Book PDF file

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