Kolkatar Bhoot Ghost Story By Pradyut Guha PDF

Kolkatar Bhoot Ghost Story written by Pradyut Guha.

Name of Book – Kolkatar Bhut
Book Format- PDF
Book Size- 4.2 MB

Pradyut Guha, the author of the thrilling story of the Kolkatar Bhoot (Ghost of Kolkata).

Kolkatar Bhoot (Ghost of Kolkata) is a very well-known book containing ghost stories. The author Pradyut Guha was not a professional historian, but a keen student of history. He became very keen to know the history of Kolkata. His keen interest in knowing these things came to mind and he created them with a spirit of writing about the history of the old-fashioned houses of Kolkata and wrote the thrilling ghost story Kolkatar Bhoot (Ghost of Kolkata) as usual.

The future may tell whether there is a ghost or not, but there is no doubt that the ghost has left Kolkata for the moment. He had heard many stories of Kolkata’s ghosts in his childhood, keeping in mind those stories, he composed a beautiful thriller ghost story.
This ghost story is very popular in Bangladesh, Nepal, West Bengal of India and even among Bengali-speaking teenagers and young children from abroad. Many writers have written many exciting ghost stories in Bengali.

Many people have written ghost stories for the enjoyment of teenagers and young children and teenagers and children are also delighted to read such stories.
For that purpose, the author has written the ghost book of Kolkata. There is no doubt that this ghost story book will play a unique role and delight in adolescents and children. The works in this book may not be of great historical value, but they can certainly be as engaging as the discussions and we feel that the work of the author will be worthwhile.

Some of the stories that have been found in this book have been published in Jugantar Patrika, Anandabazar Patrika, Nutan Bangla Patrika and Weekly.
Therefore, on this website ‘Ghost of Kolkata’ has been published a book about the exciting story and for the enjoyment of teenagers and children.

You can read and collect the book from this page. The link to the collection is given below

Ghost of Kolkata PDF. Kolkatar Bhoot

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