Bharatiya Darshan by Pramodbandhu Sengupta

Bharatiya Darshan by Pramodbandhu Sengupta ebook pdf. 

Book – Bharatiya Darshan (Indian Philosophy),
Author – Prof. Pramodbandhu Sengupta,
Revised by Prof. Motilal Mukherjee,
Book Pages – 329,
Book Size – 12 MB,
Book Format – PDF,

Bharatiya Darshan by Pramodbandhu Sengupta and revised by Motilal Mukherjee.

The book Bharatiya Darshan (Indian Philosophy) has written by Professor Pramodbandhu Sengupta and revised by Prof. Motilal Mukherjee and then published with as much accuracy as possible. The book Indian Philosophy is written for college and university students.

The book Bharatiya Darshan is a detailed discussion of Samkhya Yoga philosophy according to the revised syllabus of Calcutta University. Later, after the publication of written Science and Social philosophy according to the new syllabus of the three-year undergraduate class of Calcutta University and Burdwan University, many of the professors of different colleges requested to write Indian and Western philosophy.

The notable works of the  Author Pramodbandhu Sengupta

As such, this Indian philosophy book was written according to the new syllabus of the three-year undergraduate class. The Basics of Philosophy ‘Indian and Western Philosophy’ This first volume was published for the three year undergraduate philosophy students of Calcutta, Burdwan and North Bengal Universities. The author has taken the help of several books to compose this book. Apart from the original texts of Indian Indian philosophy, other authors have taken help from his books on Indian Philosophy.

The topics of Indian philosophy are discussed in this book in simple and easy language. In most cases, the English synonym has been used next to the Bengali word. On the one hand, the discussion of content has not been unnecessarily shortened, on the other hand, the discussion of non-curricular content has not been unnecessarily inflated.

Sri Motilal Mukherjee, Head Professor of Jogmaya Devi College and Professor of Ashutosh College, carefully read and refined each chapter of the book. The author has also collaborated with many college and university professors during the publication of this book. This book has been written keeping in mind the general readers and researchers besides the students.
Therefore, the PDF file of the book is given on this web page for the purpose that the readers and students can easily collect the book.

Readers can collect the book Bharatiya Darshan from the web page in PDF file and read it online if necessary.

PDF file of Indian Philosophy

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